Kingdom of Atlia

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Kingdom of Atlia
Reino de Atlia


Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Motto: "Deo Fidelis Semper"
(English: "Always Faithful to God")
Anthem: "Himno del Reino de Atlia"
Enclaved by: Mexican Republic, United States and Australia
CapitalAtlium, Nova Atlium
Official languagesSpanish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
Gerónimo II
• Prince-Regent
Luis Marcel of Atlia
• Prime Minister
Ximena Guzman Infante
Establishment25 July 2017
• Census
32 (2021)
Time zoneGMT-6 (GMT - 5 on summer)
The Official Religion is Roman Catholic due to the Royal Family, as well as the majority of the population having said faith. It doesn't play any role in the government's actions, as well as its laws

The Kingdom of Atlia (in its original Spanish name Reino de Atlia) is a micronation composed by territories enclaved in the states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila and Tabasco, México; as well as Maine and New York, USA, also considering a Ceremonial Territory off the shores of New South Wales, Australia (Ball's Pyramid Archipelago).

Founded by H.R.H Prince Regent Luis Marcel of Atlia on the 25 July 2017. Drafted as a Contitutional Monarchy, it was almost fully administrated by the Prince-Regent with some advice given by the Council of Representatives, from the 7 February 2020; being an absolute monarchy for a year and three months. The Constitutional Monarchy was restored on 21 June 2021.

The Atlian Government declared a Precaution State and published on the 16 March 2020 a document on the Kingdom’s measures to battle the global pandemic of Covid-19. For the most part of 2020 and 2021, the Kingdom of Atlia remained in a state of innactivity, reaching its peak on its 4° anniversary, happening without any activity from its people or government. On the 1st September 2021, a political reform was proposed by the Prince-Regent and approved by the Council of Representatives, where, among other matters, dissolved the ministries and established a new system of election of representatives to be tried by the end of the current legislature, on the 7th February, 2022.[1]

The Kingdom of Atlia is a member of the Vespucci Zone, the CMLOE, the Union Against Micronational War; as it is signatory of the Wrythe, Edgbaston and Halcyon Conventions. Atlia is also a signatory of the Plușeni - Lubec Pact. It currently holds formal diplomatic relationships with 11 nations all across the world, being in informal diplomatic relationships with another several nations.



Originally planned to be called "Reino de Regenerias" ("Kingdom of Regenerias" in English), the Kingdom of Atlia was founded on 25 July 2017 by HRH Prince Luis Marcel of Atlia and HRH Prince Héctor André of Atlia, establishing their father, HM King Geronimo II, as the Head of State. The reasons for the foundation of the Kingdom were not clear in the beginning; flags were designed and a constitution was drafted. It originally was composed by the capital and royal residence (both unnamed at the time), two colonies (Ramos and Nueva Naranja), a Duchy (San Marcos), a protectorate (Bugambilias), and the Administrative Territory of Atlia. At this point in time, the Kingdom had no more citizens than the Royal Family itself.

The First Year

The first year of the Kingdom's existence wasn't uneventful. Their Royal Highness-es (mainly HRH Prince Luis Marcel of Atlia) focused on the design of the flags of the territories and in the constitution's draft. Only by the end of 2017, the Kingdom established its first contact with another micronation, the Republic of Molossia. Like 2017, the first half of 2018 was also uneventful.

First flag used by the Kingdom of Atlia.

Late 2018

The Kingdom gained its first citizen, the official Twitter account of the Kingdom was created, and the inexperienced Kingdom joined the United Micronations (now the defunct Association of United Micronations). As months passed, Atlia established contact with more micronations around the globe, became an active member inside the UM and got more citizens. Major changes were made for its first anniversary, starting with the change of flag, which was resized and included the Coat of Arms. Furthermore, the classification for the land under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom was updated and the capital was named Atlium.

The first elections for ministers were held on 23 October. The newly formed Parliament decided the optimal way procedure to elect the Prime Minister, and two days later, on 25 October, José Carlos Ávalos Ruiz was elected as Prime Minister of the Kingdom.

On 2 November, citizens, members of the parliament, and HRH Luis Marcel of Atlia, celebrated the traditional "Día de Muertos" (or "Day of the Dead" in English) and on 15 November, the Kingdom adopted officially two new celebrations from the UM.


On 19 January, the Empire of Guanduania officially recognized Atlia, and on 21 February, HRH Luis Marcel of Atlia appeared in a stream on the Virgan Radio Service [2] and by 2 March, the Kingdom's Official Twitter Account reached its first 100 followers.[3]

On 1 May, the Kingdom recognized more micronations from the Micronational Community, as it broke all relation with the micronational entity knew as Krainego. By late may, arguments started within members of the AUM, leading to its official dissolution. With the dissolution of the AUM, Atlia became an important part of the newly integrated Conference of Intermicronational Leaders, guided by Mr. Matthew Lebo.

On 27 June, the Kingdom of Atlia joined the International Assembly of Micronations (IAMN) as an observer, only to be elevated to a full member on 11 July. By 25 July the Kingdom of Atlia celebrated its second anniversary.[4] On 5 September it cut all relation with the Republic of Wikonga,[5] and by 12 September, it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Empire of Byzantinum Novum.

On 22 October, the Twitter Account of the Kingdom reached 200 followers. On the 2nd of November, citizens and the Prince celebrated the 2nd Day of the Dead;[6] and on 4 December it announced the creation of the CTAVA, Atlia's first YouTube channel.

On Christmas Day, he gave a speech to its people,[7] and at the next day, H.R.H Prince Luis Marcel declared the end of activities of the then Parliament and called upon elections, also giving himself the title of Prince Regent. He later Broadcasted on 31 December 2019 the Kingdom’s first New Year’s Broadcast.[8]


On 4 February, the Prince Regent changed the laws of Foreign Relations of the Kingdom, giving space for more treaties to be made, as well as opening more ways to approach micronations diplomatically. Three days later he edited the whole constitution, marking the end of the Constitutional Monarchy in the Kingdom of Atlia, and the start to a more absolute one,[9] also he appointed several citizens and former ministers as the new ministers of the ministries, giving the role of Prime Minister of the Kingdom to Ximena Guzman Infante.[10] On 19 February, the United Sovereignties officially disbanded by general consent of the Administrators, being the Prince-Regent one of them. On 23 February, the Kingdom of Atlia was accepted as a full member in the Commonwealth of Sovereignties.

At the start of March, the Kingdom created a new county: Butterscotch, voluntarily handed to the Kingdom by the citizen Diana Sanchez, now Minister of Interior and Commissioner of Culture. On 16 March, the Government declared a Precaution State within all the Kingdom, due to the rise of cases in the Mexican Republic.[11] And three days later, the Prince Regent, under the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture, prohibited any sort of reunion and social gathering all over the Kingdom.[12] On the 29 March, the Kingdom of Atlia left the Commonwealth of Sovereignties, due to internal foreign affair changes, also announcing the reduction on diplomatic affairs it will get involved for the time being.[13]

Activity halted to an almost full stop, with the sporadic signature of a treaty here and there; until 27 June, when the Prince-Regent appointed Ximena Díaz as Minister of Foreign Affairs.[14] On 30 June, Atlia officialized its laws regarding LGBT+ rights, making them more detailed and clear.[15]

On 2 July, Atlia created the Royal Atlian Language Institute (IRAI for its acronym in Spanish); as well as officializing its orders and awards;[16] two weeks later, the Kingdom of Atlia officially signed the Wrythe and Edgbaston Conventions,[17] and a day later, it was admitted in the Comunidad de Micronaciones de Lengua Oficial Española (Community of Micronations with Spanish as its Official Language.[18] Atlia and Smyrna signed a Treaty of Mutual Recognition[19] and on 19 July. Atlia celebrated its 3rd anniversary on the 25 July.[20]

Cultural Interchange Atlia-Misberia

Just after Atlia's anniversary, an unprecedented event happened, the Kingdom of Atlia held its first ever cultural interchange with the Grand Duchy of Misberia,[21] this Cultural Interchange, (known as the Amigo-Frend Week Misberia-Atlia in Misberia) started with a speech by both Heads of State of each nation, with the flags and anthems playing after it.[22] From factbook presentations of each nation,[23][24] to a culinary activity[25] and an online match of Civilization VI,[26] the Interchange seemed to go on as expected. Then, on the 31 July, Misberia announced to the world the passing of Duchess Maria Birch,[27] tragedy which was mourned across the micronational community; Atlia lowered its flag for 8 days, starting on the 1 August.[28] The cultural interchange ended according to plan, but dedicated a minute of silence in honor of Duchess Maria and no anthem was played on the closing speeches.[29]

Atlian Audiovisual Broadcasting Channel, or CTAVA by its acronym in Spanish

Late 2020

On the 6 of August, the Kingdom of Atlia established relations with the Karno-Ruthenian Empire,[30] and on the 12th, Atlia signed the CMLOE's Mutual Defense and Cooperation Treaty.[31] At the end of August, the CMLOE held the "Atlian Micronational Week", publishing facts about the Kingdom. on 11 September, the Twitter account of Atlia reached its 300 followers;[32] and 5 days later it decreed that 16 September shal be celebrated as Atlia's "Mexican Cultural Heritage Day".[33]

The Kingdom joined the Vespucci Zone on 5 October,[34] and by the end of the month, it signed a treaty of Mutual recognition with the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall.[35] On the 1 November, Atlia, alongside a couple more nations, signed the Halcyon Convention.[36] The next day, on Day of the Dead, a digital shrine was made by Minister Dafne Santamaría of Telecommunications; the Royal Family held the traditional shrine as tradition says.[37] 19 days later, Atlia started formal diplomatic relationship with the People's Republic of Adonia,[38] the first ever communist nation Atlia ever held a diplomatic relationship of any kind. On 30 November, the Kingdom celebrated its Intermicronational Friendship Day, sending letters to all nations and entities Atlia held any sort of relationship.[39]

On 18 December, the 2020 Census was published to the citizens,[40] lasting for 4 days; and on the 27 December, the Prince-Regent broadcasted his Christmas Message.[41] Due to unknown reasons, the Prince-Regent published a New Year's Eve text, rather than an audiovisual one.[42]


Atlia started its year with the approval of both a 5 Year Plan 2021 - 2025 and a 2021 Annual Plan;[43] as it signed a condominum treaty between the Antonian Empire and the Misberian Confederacy over the Ball's Pyramid Archipelago.[44] Antonia dissolved on 3 February, having its land annexed by Misberia.[45] A new condominium treaty was drafted to consider the changes (Treaty of the Southern Isle).[46] Unbeknownst at the moment, Misberia would collapse merely 22 days later Antonia did.[47] This event was heavily regreted by the Atlian Governemnt, which now claimed the entirity of the archipelago. On 7 March, Atlia merged the territory it already had, a past gift of Misberia (Territories of Ball's Pyramid), and the newly claimed Atlian Territories of the Southern Isles; the new territory, now a ceremonial claim, was named the Ceremonial Territory of Ball's Pyramid.[48]

Yellow Bellied Turtle, Atlia's National Animal, in the Duchy of San Marcos


The Kingdom of Atlia is a sovereign nation, governed under the system of a constitutional monarchy, with the monarch as Head of State and a Prime Minister as Head of Government. Both make up the Executive Office, the Executive Branch of the Kingdom. The Council of Representatives is the Legislative Branch. The Judicial Power isn't a separate power, although it is preceded by the Executive Office, whom also have the Council of Representatives involved when this power is needed to act.

Organization chart of the Atlian Government by September 2021

Head of State

The monarch is the Head of State of the Kingdom of Atlia, with the functions of representing the Kingdom both inside and outside the nation. The Head of State has the functions of advising, supervising and approving, together with the Head of Government, laws, activities, initiatives, reforms, etc.; that leave or go through the Council of Representatives. In case of absence or inability to hold office, a Prince-Regent is named to rule with all rights and privileges of the Head of State, except for the title and position of King as long as he is alive or without abdicating.The current Head of State is Prince Luis Marcel, Prince-Regent of Atlia.

Executive Office

The Executive Office is the main governmental body of the Kingdom of Atlia. It is made up of the Head of State and the Head of Government; and its functions are to plan, administer and supervise all the initiatives, laws, activities and projects that the Kingdom of Atlia carries out.

Council of Representatives

The Council of Representatives is the second governmental organ of the Kingdom of Atlia. It is made up of people, called "representatives" and it is the function of the Council to represent the concerns of the people of Atlia before the Executive Office, as well as to propose from laws to activities to be carried out, supporting the Executive Office in their development and implementation.


Originally, the Kingdom of Atlia was founded as a Constitutional Monarchy, with division of powers and nine ministries:

  • Ministry of Culture
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Government
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Resources and Ecology
  • Ministry of Telecommunications

The Ministers of each ministry composed the Atlian Parliament, being the Prime Minister among them as head of the Ministry of Government. Due to widespread political apathy by the people of Atlia and the Atlian Parliament itself; the Prince Luis Marcel abolished the Parliament and established himself as Prince-Regent, announcing a new election for a reformed government structure. Seeing the political apathy to continue, the Prince Regent decided to reform the Constitution of the Kingdom, abolishing the right to vote and be voted and turning the Kingdom into a more absolute one. Soon after this, he appointed various citizens and former ministers as the new ministers of the Ministries, who now composed the Council of Ministers, substituting the Parliament. By this time, the number of ministries decreased to only five:

  • Ministry of Culture
  • Ministry of Ecology
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Telecommunications

By April 2021, the Prince-Regent made changes to the organization of the government (among other matters); this reduced the number of Ministries to only three, with one of them being new, the Ministry of Interior. This one being the combination of the Minsitry of Culture, Health and Telecommunications. The Council of Minsters changed its name to Council of Representatives.

On 21 June 2021, the Constitutional Monarchy was restored by initiative both from the Prince-Regent and the Council of Representatives. On the 1st September of the same year, a political reform proposed by the Prince-Regent and approved unanimously by the Council of Representatives formally dissolved the ministries and effectivelly ceded all power to the Executive Office and the Council itself.

Foreign relations and policy

The Kingdom of Atlia has had a reserved foreign policy. On 29 November 2017, the Kingdom made its official first contact with another micronation, which was the Republic of Molossia. Due to their foreign policy, they couldn't recognize the Kingdom, even if it does. A similar situation happens with other micronations the Kingdom of Atlia recognizes, but its only unilateral, such as Sealand, Westartica, the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis, among others.

For most of its existence, the Atlian Foreign Affairs Ministry published a list of nations the Kingdom recognized and “had a friendship bond”, that unofficially ending with the Prince Regent’s reforms of February 2020. Currently the Kingdom is experiencing a change in its foreign approach, limiting the number of diplomatic approached the Kingdom accepts for an unknown amount of time.

Current mutual recognized nations

The Kingdom of Atlia maintains formal bilateral and diplomatic relations with nations and mutually recognize them with whom the nation has signed a treaty of mutual recognition prior to formalising the relations.

Nation Name (in Spanish) Location Continent Date of establishment
of relations
Status of relations
Dolusian Unitary Republic Republica Unitaria Dolusiana United States North America 2 July 2019 Close friendly
Kingdom of Macalos Reino de Macalos Scotland Europe 1 December 2019 Friendly
 Republic of Obscurium Republica Unida de Obscurium Germany Europe 10 December 2019 Close friendly
Kingdom of Centumcellæ Reino de Centumcellæ Italy Europe 5 May 2020 Friendly
Imperial State of Smyrna Estado Imperial de Smyrna Mexico North America 17 July 2020 Good
 Karno-Ruthenian Empire Imperio Karno-Ruteno Brazil South America 18 July 2020 Good
 State of Vishwamitra Estado de Vishwamitra India Asia 23 August 2020 Friendly
 Republic of Yu-Xia República de Yu-Xia United States North America 7 September 2020 Good
 Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall Reino de Hrafnarfjall United States North America 6 October 2020 Friendly
Federation of Adonia Federación de Adonia United States North America 20 November 2020 Close friendly
Confederation of the Northern Coast Confederación de la Costa del Norte United States North America 9 September 2021 Close friendly
Kingdom of Zuhan-Roweland Reino de Zuhan-Roweland United States North America 23 September 2021 Good
Parlimentary Monarchy of Duckionary Monarquía Parlamentaria de Duckionary Czech Republic Europe 17 January 2022 Good

Mutual recognized nations via Solidarietas Treaty

Nation Name (in Spanish) Location Continent Date of establishment
of relations
Status of relations
Federation of Adonia Federación de Adonia United States North America 20 November 2020 Close friendly
Confederation of the Northern Coast Confederación de la Costa del Norte United States North America 9 September 2021 Close friendly
 Republic of The Sohnland República de La Sohnland United Kingdom Europe 17 January 2022 Friendly
People's Republic of Baliga República Poular de Baliga United Kingdom Europe 17 January 2022 Friendly
Grand Order of DR Gran Orden de la RD United States North America 17 January 2022 Friendly
Queendom of Glotenburg Reinado de Glotenburgo United States North America 17 January 2022 Friendly
Tsardom of Begon Zarato de Begón United States North America 17 January 2022 Friendly

The Kingdom of Atlia maintains formal bilateral and diplomatic relations with nations and mutually recognize them with whom the nation has signed a treaty of mutual recognition prior to formalising the relations.

Association of United Micronations

The Kingdom of Atlia joined the United Micronations (UM), now the late Association of United Micronation (AUM), on August 12, 2018, where the Kingdom established some informal relations with the other members of the organization. While there, the Kingdom was an active participant within the General Assembly, and became part of the AUM Awards Committee. By May 2019, an argument has been going on for a while between members of the organization and its founder. On Midnight UTC, 7 June 2019, the blank slate resolution took place and the AUM was reduced to only its its founder in control of it, having all other members abandoning the Association.


The Kingdom of Atlia joined the United Sovereignties on 4 April 2019 as an observer, and by 25 July it became a full member within it. During its existence, the USov tried several times to reactivate its members activity and interest in the organization. With attacks from an anti-USov “movements”, leaded by accounts such as the fake “Kingdom of Liliput” and the “Anti-Micro Bullying”. That and the targeting of several member of it lead to its decline, only to officially dissolve on 19 February 2020.

The Kingdom of Atlia still hads good relationships with its former members, such as Directive of Misberia, United Republic of Obscurium, Republic of Gaia, Empire of Zuhan, among others until the dissolution of most of them. From these nations, only Misberia, (now Confederation of the Northern Coast) and United Republic of Obscurium remain active.

It was once again founded by its original founder soon after its original dissolution; it's unknown whenever they remain active or it dissolved again.

International Assembly of Micronations

Being invited by the Principality of Rushwell into this organization, the Kingdom entered it as an observer on 27 June 2019; soon the Kingdom got a positive influence within the organization and was promoted into a full membership on 11 July of the same year. With the exit of Mr. Tsai and Rushwell from the organization, attempts were made for the development of the project. By late 2020 its idleness turned fatal, and eventually the project faded into obscurity.


The Kingdom of Atlia applied to the Comunidad de Micronaciones de Lengua Oficial Española (Community of Oficial Spanish Speaking Micronations) by June 2020. Soon as it was accepted, it participated in a "Micronational Week" in which the Community highlighted some aspects of Atlian cultire through its official Twitter account.[49]

Vespucci Zone

The Kingdom of Atlia joined the Vespucci Zone on 5 October 2020. Since then, it has been part of the Vespucci Commission. For most par


The culture of the Kingdom of Atlia is essentially "Tamaulipeca" (from the State of Tamaulipas), with a deep influence from the center of Mexico. The people of Atlia agree with the claim of Tamaulipas' capital city, Cd. Victoria, that the dish commonly known as "Flour Tacos" should be known as "Flautas". The citizens of Atlia are supportive and friendly, most from Catholic backgrounds and families, with deep desire to gather in reunions and parties. This being a very important thing for them, two of the biggest event of the year for the whole Kingdom is the Day of the Dead and the Atlian Posada party.

Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead)

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Atlian Posada

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