Kingdom of Macalos

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Kingdom of Macalos
MacalosFlag.pngMacalos new400x400.jpg

Merit, Labour and Protection
Scotland, United Kingdoms
Capital cityReidlake.jpg
Reidlake,Province of Nova
Official language(s)English
Short nameMacalos
GovernmentConstitutional Diarchy
- Head of The StateHM Queen Cassie I and HM Caesar Paul I
- Head of the GovernmentChancellor
Established28th Nov, 2018
Time zone(UTC)
This nation is a member of the Scottish Micronational Alliance and Association of Nations.

Government website

The Kingdom of Macalos, commonly known simply as Macalos, is a micronation founded on 28 November 2018 by HM King Marc I and HM Caesar Paul I.


Macalos is a Constitutional Diarchy and therefore have two Heads of State instead of one, The King of 1st Throne and a King of 2nd throne. The King of 2nd Throne holds the title of Caesar(or any title similar to a King but not "King") to avoid confusions . Their goal is to bring the long lost Essence of Diarchy of Sparta and prove that even if there's a vast distance among the founders, with right determination, cooperation and hard work, a Micronational Project can be successfully established and maintained.

The Founding King of 1st Throne was Scottish and the Founding King of 2nd Throne is Indian.

Macalos is not a separatist group and do not want to separate itself from any Nation State in the future.

Macalos is a Model Country and a Political simulation and not a Real Nation and do not want to become a Real Nation, and they do not want to be recognised by the UN.

Land Claims of Macalosian Officials are Macalosian Land-claims.

Foreign Relations

Click the Link to see our List of Foreign Relations :


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The College of Arms

The College of Arms is a free service and doesn't charge for registrations.

The College of Arms registers Coat of Arms of other Micronations and individuals who are not micronationalists. All citizens have the right to a Coat of Arms, if an individual doesn't have a Coat of Arms, The College of Arms grants them one. Arms are registered within the Roll of Arms.

The Roll of Arms can be accessed by anyone and is fully searchable.

Any individual can request to register their Arms into the Roll of Arms, they do not have to be a Macalosian citizen.

Visit it Here :

Royal Guard

All the citizens are belonging to the Royal Guard.

Heads of the Royal Guard are the Kings and hold the rank of Commander-in-Chief Jointly.

The Kings jointly confer the ranks on those who are serving at the Royal Guard. The Ranks of the Royal Guard are totally Honorary.

Space Project

The Macalos Online Space Observatory [MOSO] is an Online Space Project

of The Kingdom to dive deep into the Space in the search of Heavenly Knowledge.

It also has a Collection of Online Tools which the visitors can use to explore the Space themselves, right from their Computer.

Visit :

Regions and Provinces

The Kingdom has two major Provinces , Nova and Corinthe.

Province of Nova (Principality of Nova):

It is a Principality and the Head of the Principality is The King (or The King's Heir apparent)

Province of Corinthe (Arch-duchy of Corinthe):

It is an Arch-duchy and the Head of the Arch-duchy is The Co-Ruler (or The Co-Ruler's Heir apparent)

Dukedoms and So-on are created within (or under) Nova and Corinthe.

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