Association of Nations

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Association of Nations (AN)

Language: English - Spanish - D'jon

Anthem: In Defenece of Earth

Headquarters: Tyrus

Date founded: 8 Dec 2018

Status: Active

Number of Nations: 9

Type: Intermicronational organization

President of Security Council: Juan Manuel Lafaurie

General Secretary: Uriel I of Urielandia

Military Organisation: Earth Defence Forces


The Association of Nations (in Spanish: Asociación de Naciones), is an intermicronational organization dedicated to aim the relationships of brotherhood and unity between the micronations around the world, focusing on an anti-bureaucracy policy. Founded by the Senator of Tyrisian Empire Juan Manuel Lafaurie and Uriel I of Urielandia, the AN works for a better integration around the micronational countries, to develop structures so it can improve the aspects of security and economy among the nation members, as well as the mutual cooperation. It was founded by the Empire of Urielandia and the Tyrisian Empire on December 8, 2018.

Foundation (2018)

The Association of Nations was founded on December 8, 2018, by its founding members, the Empire of Urielandia and the Tyrisian Empire. The organization was fully established with the approval of the Tyrus Agreements, the founding document of the Association of Nations. The following day, other micronations such as the Empire of Akramah, Republic of Nogoria (2018 - 2019), Tallinlandia and many others joined the AN. HIM Uriel I of Urielandia became the first General Secretary and Juan Manuel Lafaurie, prime minister of Urielandia and senator in the Tyrisian Empire, became the first President of the Security Council.

Following events, semi-inactivity and revival (2019 - 2020)

2019 was a good year for the AN. Nevertheless, a diplomatic conflict took place between the micronation of "Gran Oceano" and Tallinlandia, which caused every member to support Tallinlandia back then. The diplomatic conflict ended with the expulsion of Gran Oceano from the Association of Nations. Furthermore, a micronation called Sitanova entered the conflict defending Gran Oceano, and then the AN was such in jeopardy. Across that year, a new micronation called Eleftheria joined and left during the rule of Joel Richard I of Eleftheria. Akramah, who had joined early to the organization also left the same day as Eleftheria. While everybody thought that the AN was finished; the organization kept working with the rest of the members. It was planned initially that the Tyrus Agreements will be reformed within two years of the foundation of the organization, a plan that was confirmed by the founding members: Empire of Urielandia and Tyrisian Empire.

Actually (2020 - present)

During and after the dissolution of Urielandia, the AN continued its "inactivity status". Juan Lafaurie, the founder of the Association, decided to take the figure of the organization within the events actually happening in the ZR-57 universe, making the end of AN in the micronational world, physically speaking, but their activities (AN) in the ZR-57 universe never stopped.


As of May 2021, the organization counts with 8 full members.

Flag Name Status Elected Representative Notes
Empire of Urielandia This state no longer exist Uriel I of Urielandia
Tyrisian Empire Founding member Juan Manuel Lafaurie The micronation project was dissolved, but the Galactic Empire take the control of all operations of the Micronation.
Kingdom of Macalos Normal member HM Caesar Paul I
Empire of Akramah Normal member HIM Ariadna I of Akramah
File:.jpg Kingdom of Felinitia Normal member File:Jpg Schrödinger I of Felintia
Catholic Principality of Darusia Normal member Cardenal Jaume III
File:.jpg Catholic Kingdom of Tovaria Normal member File:Jpg King Raniel II
File:.jpg Ilairan and Polarianda Federation Normal member File:Jpg Ursula Puga

Legislative Elections

All members in the Association depending his number of years of election of his representant to the intermicronational organisations, can be elected in the legislative election, this is the better form a state can being represented in the AN, because it's more democratic and help to destroy the obsolete bureaucracy of the macronational failed policies.

Security Council Members

After the election of a deputy for the AN, the second month of their election is the possession of the charge in the organisation independent if the nation have the status of President or normal member during the possession.

Flag Name Status Elected Representative
Empire of Urielandia This state is no longer exist Uriel I of Urielandia
Tyrisian Empire Permanent member Juan Manuel Lafaurie
Darusia Normal member Cardinal Jaume III
Empire of Akramah Moderator member Ariadna I of Rinaldi
Transitional member

Presidents of the Security Council

General Secretaries of AN

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