Empire of Urielandia

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Empire of Urielandia (en)
Imperio de Urielandia (es)
Imparieu ed Landiauriel (ur)
Imperium Urielandia (latin)
Império do Urielandia (PT)
Coat of arms
Motto: Patriam et Libertatem (Latin: Motherland and Freedom)
Anthem: Imperial March

Maracaibo, Venezuela
and largest city
Official languagesSpanish, English, Urielandish, Latin, Portuguese
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy (de iure)
• Emperor
Uriel I
Juan Manuel Lafaurie
LegislatureUrielandish National Congress
EstablishmentDecember 27th 2010 (as a republic)
May 22nd, 2018 (as a constitutional monarchy)
• (as of 2020 census) census
CurrencyUrielandish ruby
Time zone(UTC)
This nation is a member of the Association of Nations

The Empire of Urielandia was a micronation founded on 27 December 2010, as a republic and initially located in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the country where Uriel I was born. It has been assured by the creator himself that the nation was inspired by the American micronation of Molossia, which Kevin Baugh rules indeed. A likely small but not short portion of territory, at the outskirts of the capital city, near the town of Willaryville, lies the Catholic State of Pascrito, a theocratic micronational enclave, surrounded entirely by Urielandish territory. Urielandia began as a republic from the date of its foundation to May 18, 2018 when the "Imperial Constitution" entered into force, becoming a constitutional monarchy in the form of an empire.

On June 23, 2021, Urielandia started its dissolution process as a micronation, after ​10 12 years of existence in the micronational world. The dissolution process was scheduled to end by the year 2023. However, on January 16, 2022, the official Twitter page of the micronation was deactivated, marking the end of Urielandia's existence.


Basically, Urielandia stands for "The Land of Uriel". There is no explanation or something difficult.


Urielandia was established as a micronation on December 27, 2010, by Venezuelan resident Uriel Bermúdez, who proclaimed himself as the new president and head of state of the country. Meanwhile, his brother created also the micronation of Anarislavia, so he could mock about the new nation his own little brother had founded. Anarislavia wanted to colonize the territory, something the national army of the new nation couldn't take it. The national army, led by the future president of Urielandia defeated the enemy's troops, being welcomed between thunderous applauses by the people at the capital city of the new nation. Furthermore, a new constitution was written during the last days of 2010 and it was approved by the Urielandish National Congress. The development of the nation started several days after the independence was declared. 2011 was also an important year for Urielandia, because the first elections were held in the country, the elections where the Urielandish people had to choose their favorite option to rule the provinces that are part of Urielandia. The Urielandish Democratic Party (UDP) won in three provinces but the Urielandish Convergent Party (UCP) won in one province, so it was a success. The nation kept growing since then and the President said in his own words that Urielandia will be a "great nation among the micronations and Urielandia will be a micronational superpower". After that, the parliamentary elections were held in 2012 where the UDP won the majority of the seats (112 seats) and the UCP won 64.

On May 22, 2018, the Empire was proclaimed and Uriel I was crowned as the first Emperor of the Empire of Urielandia. On October 7, 2020, days after announcing his retirement from the micronational world, Uriel I abdicated the throne, entering the micronation into a period of inactivity. Nevertheless, on December 1, 2020, the Urielandish Congress declared null and void the "declaration of abdication" made by HIM Uriel I, marking the return of Uriel I to the Imperial Palace of Eboxia to reassume his duties as head of state.

Government and politics

The leader of the Executive Power, HIM Uriel I (2018 - 2021)

The type of government is a constitutional monarchy, with the Emperor as the head of state and the Prime Minister as the head of government. The Prime Minister is elected by the Urielandish people, nominated by the Urielandish National Congress and appointed as such by the Emperor. There were four political parties that made its debut for the first time in the history of the Empire, such as the Conservative Party, the Party of the Empire, the Progressive Party and the nationalist Urielandia First Movement; they were followed later by the Neutral Party, Liberal Party, Orange Party and the Urielandish Tyrinist Party. The executive power consists on the leader of the executive, which in this case is the monarch, HIM Uriel I, Emperor of Urielandia, continuing with the incumbent prime minister Juan Manuel Lafaurie and the rest of the members that comprises the imperial government.

The 1st and only Prime Minister Juan Manuel Lafaurie (2018 - 2021)

The Legislative Power has its place in the Urielandish National Congress, with bicameral seats as the place for the House of Representatives and the Senate respectively. The Judicial Power is ruled by the Imperial Court of Supreme Justice and makes sure everyone fullfills their duty and to observe the laws, abiding by it.

Law and order

In Urielandia, the government has an intelligence agency called "Dirección Nacional de Inteligencia Urielandesa"(Spanish: DINAU) (Urielandish National Directorate of Intelligence; English: UNADI). It was founded in 2011 as the "Servicio Nacional de Inteligencia Urielandés" (SENIUR) which was the main intelligent agency of Urielandia until 2018, when it was replaced by the DINAU.

Foreign relations

The Empire of Urielandia has both diplomatic and informal relationship with the following nations:

Flag Name
Tyrisian Empire
Kingdom of Aurunstella
Empire of Akramah
Kingdom of Macalos

Military Allies

Flag Name
Tyrisian Empire
Empire of Akramah
AN members


Composed by the Urielandish Imperial Army, the Urielandish Imperial Navy Force, the Urielandish Imperial Air Force and the national police. HIM The Emperor acts as the Commander in Chief of the Imperial Army and they are loyal to the nation and the Emperor, their mission is to defend the territory and maintain the independence against any enemy.


Although the micronation was originally created in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, it was relocated to the neighbour country of Colombia.


Colonies of Urielandia
Name Pop. Area (m2) Establishment Region Governor
New Onofre TBD TBD 16 December 2018 HIH Prince of Eboxia Angel de Jesus


The official currency of the micronation is the Urielandish ruby (URs$). The economic business is managed by the Minister of Economy and Finance, along with the Central Bank of Urielandia.


The official languages in Urielandia are English, Spanish, Urielandish and Latin, the later one is used for ceremonial nor important issues. By the earlier days of June 2018, the imperial government decreed that the Portuguese language became the co-official language of the Empire.

National Holidays

The following list shows the national holidays which are officially celebrated in the Empire.

  • January 1 : New Year's Day
  • January 21 : Emperor's Day
  • February : Carnival
  • March 11 : Army Day
  • March - April : Easter
  • May 1 : Workers Day
  • May 18 : Constitution Day
  • May 22 : Imperial Proclamation Day
  • June 23: Urielandish Lawyers Day
  • December 16: Triumph Day
  • December 24 - December 25: Christmas Day
  • December 27 : Foundation Day
  • December 31: New Year's Eve


The national television is managed by the Ministry of Communications, which has the Urielandish Broadcasting Services, the public television of the Empire.

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