Progressive Party of Urielandia

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Progressive Party of Urielandia (ENG)
Partido Progresista de Urielandia (ESP)
Seats in the Urielandish National Congress
11 / 166
Seats in the Senate
8 / 61

The Progressive Party of Urielandia is one of the main political parties within the Empire of Urielandia. The Progressive Party was founded on May 2018, along with the Conservative Party and the Party of the Empire. The party is ideologically oriented as a "center-left" party and supports progressive politics within Urielandia, such as the limitation to the executive power and a welfare system.


The Progressive Party has an pro-abortion policy, and defends the rights of the Urielandish people. Furthermore, they are pro-monarquist, but they want the Emperor to have limited functions as they are established in the Constitution.