Party of the Empire (Urielandia)

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Party of the Empire (ENG)
Partido del Imperio (ESP)
Oirimpe Tiodarp (Ur)
IdeologyPro-monarquist, center.
Seats in the Urielandish National Congress
33 / 166
Seats in the Senate
17 / 61

The Party of the Empire, is a political party in Urielandia. It was founded in May 2018. The electoral debut of the party was in the 2018 elections, with Manuel Cabezas Rondón as the first candidate losing against Juan Manuel Lafaurie who was elected as Prime Minister of Urielandia.


The Party of the Empire defends the constitutional monarchy and of course,protect the figure of the monarch, being HIM the Emperor Uriel I the main example of it.