Sinairist Party of Urielandia

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Sinairist Party of Urielandia
Partido Sinairista de Urielandia (esp)
AbbreviationSPU, PSU
LeaderUriel I, Emperor of Urielandia
PresidentUriel I, Emperor of Urielandia
Seats in the Urielandish National Congress
2 / 166
Seats in the Senate
0 / 61

The Sinairist Party of Urielandia is a political party of the Empire of Urielandia. It´s the first third-position political party in the history of Urielandia. The Sinairist Party was created in 2020, the year when Uriel I, Emperor of Urielandia created and developed the "Sinairism" ideology, which is his own political ideology. The party, although the ideology itself prefers the republican political system, it also supports monarchy, for that reason, the Sinairist Party of Urielandia is a pro-monarchist party too. The SPU announced that the party will take part on its first elections, the regional elections that will take place on 20 November 2020.


H.I.M Uriel I developed a new political ideology that goes far away of the political compass divided between the left-wing and right-wing political positions. He called it "Sinairism", and the Sinairist Party of Urielandia was born the same day as the first third-position political party in the history of Urielandia. Sinairism has its meaning on the conception its founder had about the citizen and how the citizen should behave and work in the society.


The party represents the ideology of Sinairism, created and developed by HIM Uriel I, it comprises the following:

  • Nationalism
  • Pro-free market
  • Anti-communism and anti-fascism.
  • Anti-racism
  • Freedom of cult and of sex.
  • The "understanding policy"
  • Defends the private property
  • Rejects the social justice and embraces the "essential justice"
  • Anti-abortion and pro-death penalty.
  • Pro-monarchism.
  • Meritocracy.
  • Self-sufficiency.