Urielandish Tyrinist Party

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Urielandish Tyrinist Party
Partido Tyrinista Urielandés (ESP)
LeaderJuan Manuel Lafaurie
IdeologyPro-monarquist, nationalism, far-right, Fascism, Homonationalism, Tyrinism, Lesbian Supremacy
International affiliationTyrinist Global League
Seats in the Urielandish National Congress
45 / 166
Seats in the Senate
20 / 61

The Urielandish Tyrinist Party is the ruling political party and the political branch party of the Tyrinist Party of the Tyrisian Empire, based in Urielandia. The Tyrinist Party of Urielandia was founded on December 3, 2018 by the Prime Minister Juan Manuel Lafaurie as he had been a strong advocator of the Tyrisian political ideology..


The Tyrinist Party of Urielandia was founded on December 3, 2018 by the Prime Minister Juan Manuel Lafaurie in his condition as a senator and also citizen of the Tyrisian Empire, ruled by Empress Dirus.


The Tyrinist Party of Urielandia is aligned to the far-right political position, just as the Urielandia First Movement, and is a pro-monarquist party, which means, that the party defends the Emperor of Urielandia. The party supports the absolute monarchy form of government which means, that the monarch has no limits nor restrictions whatsoever to rule.


The women, being part of a permament and influential population, acquire major responsabilities such as joining the army, protecting the men who are vulnerable and making the marxist-feminism illegal. The party supports the unipartidist system and the teachings of militarism, including the ones that are important for the defense of the national sovereignty, as well as the planetarian unification process among all species.

The Emperor is the one who rules

The Urielandish Tyrinist Party follows the theory which says that the Emperor of Urielandia is "an unquestionable authority who demands complete obedience". In other words, the Emperor is the supreme leader of the nation, as Head of State.


Original Party

The Tyrinist Party is the original party and the Urielandish Tyrinist Party is only a branch from the original in the Urielandia land, the activities are the same but with some differences in the reason and mission of the party of stablishment of a Matriarchy.

Urielandia no longer exists as a micronation, but the Tyrinist Branch in this ancient micronation is still active.