Urielandia First Movement

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Urielandia First Movement (ENG)
Movimiento Urielandia Primero (ESP)
Toneviom Landiauriel Ropriem (Ur)
AbbreviationUFM (ENG)
IdeologyPro-monarquist, nationalist far-right.

The Urielandia First Movement was a political party of the Empire of Urielandia. The first leader of the party Juan Manuel Lafaurie was elected as the first Prime Minister of the Empire while representing the movement until he moved to the Urielandish Tyrinist Party with the rest of the party members, causing its dissolution on January 10, 2019.


The movement defended the constitutional monarchy and of course,protect the figure of the monarch, being HIM the Emperor Uriel I like the Party of the Empire but they look forward for the growth of the territory and making the Empire stronger so it can remain undefeated.

Breakthrough (2018 - 2019)

In the last general elections, Urielandia First managed to win 45 seats in the Urielandish National Congress, having a simple majority above the Party of the Empire, the Conservative Party and the Progressive Party of Urielandia.

Dissolution of the party

On early 2019, a major percentage of the members of the party defected to the Urielandish Tyrinist Party, causing the political death of the movement.