Prime Minister of Urielandia

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Prime Minister of the Empire of Urielandia
Prime Minister of Urielandia's official emblem
Juan Manuel Lafaurie
since July 10th, 2018
StyleHis Excellency
NominatorUrielandish National Congress
as head of the Legislative Power
AppointerH.I.M. The Emperor
as Head of State
Term length4 years only.
Inaugural holderJuan Manuel Lafaurie
FormationMay 18th, 2018
Last holderJuan Manuel Lafaurie

The Prime Minister of Urielandia, was the head of government of the Empire of Urielandia. Its designated by the Emperor and approved by the Urielandish National Congress after an general election took place. He is also the leader of the majority in the Urielandish National Congress, depending of the political party he/she represents. The first and only prime minister was Juan Manuel Lafaurie of the Urielandish Tyrinist Party.

Functions of the Prime Minister

According to the Imperial Constitution of Urielandia of 2018, in its article 118, the functions of the Prime Minister are:

  • Colaborate with the Emperor in the direction of the government action.
  • Preside the Imperial Council of Ministers.
  • Take control of the atributions, as being told by the Emperor.
  • Everything the constitution provides him to fulfill its duty.

List of Prime Ministers

List of Prime Ministers of Urielandia

List of former current living prime ministers