Emperor of Urielandia

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Emperor of Urielandia
Uriel I, Emperor of Urielandia
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveNone
First monarchUriel I
FormationMay 18th, 2018 (Took office)
May 22nd, 2018 (Coronation as a monarch)

His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Urielandia (Empress of Urielandia in case of being female) was the head of state of the Empire and the symbol of unity between the urielandish people. The actual ruling house of Urielandia is the House of Bermudez, which the father of the Emperor is the head of the imperial house. The first and last emperor of Urielandia was HIM Uriel I from May 22, 2018, until his retirement from the micronational world and the subsequent dissolution of Urielandia as a micronation. The monarch lived in the Imperial Palace of Eboxia, official residence and workplace of the Emperor/Empress of Urielandia.

Atributions of the Emperor

According to the Imperial Constitution of 2018, ratified and promulgated on May 18, 2018 the Emperor may do the following things:

  • Remove the Ministers.
  • Manage the foreign affairs of the Empire and he is another ambassador (i.e. The Emperor is the Chief Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • Grant pardons.
  • Issue imperial decrees and edicts as an enforcement of law.
  • Call a referendum nor a plebiscite such of big importance.
  • Make sure that the peace always reigns in the Empire.
  • Rule the Urielandish Imperial Army as a Commander in Chief.
  • Dissolve the Congress and call immediately for new elections, if the democratic nor institutional order is threatened.

Princess Consort of the Empire

The title of Princess Consort of Urielandia belongs to the unmarried-romantic partner of the Emperor. If they happen to get married, she will be known as the Empress Consort of Urielandia.

  • HIM Uriel I of Urielandia (2018 - 2021):
    • Princess Consort: Vacant (May 18, 2018 – 2021)

List of Emperors of Urielandia

Image Name Born Became Monarch Ceased to be Monarch Relation to previous Monarch House Personal emblem
HIM Uriel I January 21, 1998 22 May, 2018 23 June 2021 Throne established Bermudez

Full Title

  • His Imperial Majesty. Constitutional Emperor and Lord of all the imperial territories of Urielandia
  • Español: Su Majestad Imperial. Emperador constitucional y señor de todas las tierras imperiales de Urielandia
  • Portugués: Sua Majestade Imperial. Imperador constitucional e Senhor de todas as terras imperíais do Urielandia