House of Bermudez

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Imperial House of Bermudez
Country Empire of Urielandia

Founder H.I.M Uriel I
Current head Count Joseph of Eboxia
Founding year 2018
Ethnicity Venezuelan

The House of Bermudez, known as the Imperial House of Bermudez, was the ruling house of the Empire of Urielandia . It was created by imperial decree on May 19, 2018 by HIM Uriel I . Consists on the entire family of the emperor, which his father Count Joseph of Eboxia is the head of the imperial House. Sebastian Bermudez Reinoso, grandfather by fathers side of the Emperor, was named the founding father of the royal house, even before Urielandia was created, had executed his duty until his death on August 23rd, 2020.

Members of the Imperial House

By father's part

  • Founding Father of the House Sebastian Bermudez Reinoso (1943-2020) m.
    Founding Mother of the House Maritza (1946 - 2021) Fathers of Joseph.
  • Count of the Eboxia Valley Joseph (b.1971) Father of the Emperor.
    m. Countess of the Eboxia Valley Xiomara (b.1964) Mother of the Emperor.
  • Yelitza (b.1970) Eldest daughter of the Founding Father and the Founding Mother.
    • Elizabeth (b. 2004) Daughter of Yelitza.
  • Sebastian Antonio (b. 1975)
  • Duke of Chamaguay HIH David (b. 1980)

By mother's part

  • Duchess of Mercury HIH Graciela Xiomara Rivas Pérez (b.1941) Mother of Xiomara
    • Claudia (b. 1969) Sister
      • Alfredo (b. 1988)
        • Stefano (b.2010)
        • Constanza (b.2016)
        • Alessio (b.2017)
      • Angelo (b. 1992)
      • 'HIH Angel de Jesus (b. 2007)