2018 Urielandish Referendum

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Urielandish Referendum
10 December 2018
Option Yes No
Popular Vote (%) 85% 10%
Count 14 1

The 2018 Urielandish Referendum, was a referendum which was held in the Empire of Urielandia. It was the first ever referendum to be realized in the history of Urielandia. Instead of a constitutional referendum, this is an abrogatory one,which means that the urielandish people will or not approve some important articles to be included onto the 2018 Constitution. The Option YES won an 85% of the vote, against the Option NO with 10% of the votes.

Proposed articles

There are three important subjects of the new articles to be included:

  • Institution of the figure of Regency
  • Creation of the Imperial Autonomous Region.
  • Succession and possible disability of the Prime Minister


  • Option YES : 85% of the vote (14 votes counted)
  • Option NO : 10% (1 vote counted)