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—  Capital city  —
Country Empire of Urielandia
Region Central Region
Province Mercury Province
Settled 21st century
Established December 27th, 2010
 - Mayor
Population (2019)
 - Total 4
 - Rank 1rd in Urielandia
Demonym Eboxian
Time zone UTC (UTC-5)
Postcode EB8
Capital city of the Empire of Urielandia

The city of Eboxia, is the capital city of both the Empire of Urielandia and the Mercury Province, as well as the main seat of the Imperial Government.


Eboxia was founded on the same day the micronation was, December 27th 2010. During the first days of the Republic, the capital was known as "Pesepe", a Spanish pronunciation of the acronym of the PlayStation Portable, a handheld console owned by the then-president of the republic, but a few years later, the capital city of Urielandia changed its name from "Pesepe" to Eboxia, also in honor of the Xbox 360, another game console owned by the Urielandish Government.

Common places

The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is the workplace and official residence of the Emperor and the Imperial Family.

Bautista Alberdi Square

The Bautista Alberdi Square is the most important square in the city. Its the main place for national celebrations and important speeches from the monarch such as the proclamation of the Empire on May 22, 2018, for instance. In the republican era of Urielandia, the square was well-known for being the "Republican Square".

Urielandish National Congress

In the city, it´s the main seat of the Legislative Power. It is comprised by the Imperial Legislative Palace, the building which holds the bi-cameral congress.

Diplomatic Park