United Republic of Obscurium

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United Republic of Obscurium
Coat of arms
Motto: Liberty, Unity, Obscurity
Anthem: The Thoughts are Free
The Thoughts are Free
File:World Wide (Base of Operations in Germany)
Official languagesEnglish
Recognized languagesGerman and Greek
GovernmentPresidential Republic with Direct Democracy
• President
Zar Antonov
• Vice President
Jericho Franson
LegislatureParliament of the United Republic of Obscurium
Establishment03 March 2018
• November 2023 census
CurrencyObscurian Draco
Time zoneCET

Obscurium or the United Republic of Obscurium is a a self declared state with most of its activities taking place in northern Germany, although Citizens come from all around the world and no territory is claimed. Its goal is to be a state truly there for its people and not one that deceives and lies to them, like so many other states and their governments do. The Government believes that the state should cooperate with the people as much as possible while restricting the lifes of people as little as possible.


Obscurium was founded by Zar Antonov on the 3rd of March 2018 as the "United People's Republic of Mars" (UPRoM), with the ambitious goal of establishing a communist state on Mars. However, after a year of stagnation and no advancements whatsoever, the UPRoM was renamed to the "United Republic of Obscurium" on the 29th of April 2019 and renounced its claims to Mars. During the same month, the Green Garden Territory was acquired, providing Obscurium with a physical Territory which was soon referred to as "Obscurium proper" in many cases. The territory received much attention in the form of land management projects (including a potato field), the construction of a chapel, several monuments and road signs. It was also the site of archaeological excavations, which unearthed ancient artefacts and sightings of the infamous Greenhouse Spectre.

Since 2019 Obcurium has advanced considerably. On the 27th of June 2020 President Antonov signed Obscurium's first inter micronational treaty with the Cassiopeia Sovereign Empire, one of many treaties established since then. Obscurium currently has formal diplomatic treaties with 15 other governments and informal relations with many more. In June of 2020 Obscurium also joined the United Sovereignties (UsoV), an organisation through which relations with some of Obscurium’s current allies were forged. President Antonov also attended Microcon 2019 in Toronto (Canada) and visited Nordonia on an official state visit not long after.

At this point however, not much was being done by anyone during that time, not in Obscurium or in the UsoV, which was disbanded in February of 2020. An exception would be the events of the 26th of November 2020 when Obscurium buried it's Official National Time Capsule which will be opened in 2050, 30 years later.

After a state visit to Duckionary in the summer of 2021 and the loss of two of its citizens Obscurium finally managed to become active again for a short time with the addition of a new 6th citizen, Thoclus Kyle, and his appointment as Obscurium's first Vice President on the 18th of November 2021. But then, in a most unfortunate turn of events, Thoclus Kyle, was removed from all his official posts in the United Republic of Obscurium and lost his status as a citizen of this state on the 11th of December 2021, to preserve the national stability. He was nevertheless responsible for starting Obscurium's monthly newspaper, the Herald of Obscurity (first published on the 31st of December 2021).

On the 26th of November 2021 Obscurium also relinquished all its claims over the Green Garden Territory. The garden had been maintained exclusively by President Zar Antonov and a second person since Obscurium acquired it in 2019 and due to a busy work schedule and not much time for any work in the territory it had slowly but steadily been reclaimed by nature. Furthermore, the possibility of the President moving from Kiel to another place in Germany or somewhere else for a long time was also under consideration. Despite the fact that the Green Garden has been referred to as Obscurium proper many times Obscurium does not rely on physical territory to exist and this decision did therefore not have a lasting effect upon the nation.

The year 2022 started with pledges to create a new Obscurian constitution since the old one had been abandoned in 2021. The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted as a provisional constitution and was to serve as the basis for the new document.

On the 11th of March, Obscurium also celebrated its very first Obelisk Day, a day used to contemplate historical significance, inspired by an Obelisk found in the park of Charlottenburg palace in Berlin.

In May, the Micro Flag Archive, created by President Antonov 2019, got its own website and has continued to add new micronational symbols to its collection while at the beginning of June, Obscurium’s first cultural exchange was conducted with the Kingdom of Atlia. Lasting for one week, the exchange featured talks about the two nation’s histories, a culinary exchange and the signing of a new treaty of friendship, inspiring Obscurium’s cultural exchange with Karnia-Ruthenia in January of 2023. During the latter, information was mainly exchanged via both nation’s heads of state asking their counterpart 10 questions about their respective nation and also feautured the exchange of drawings of the Great Auk.

The Ministry of Dragons, later renamed to the society of Dracology, was also created on the 6th of June 2022, with the goal of mapping out places where dragons (meaning statues, monuments and such) can be found. The month also saw a visit by the King of Bavaria and a trip to the Museum Obscurum in Denmark, which inspired the name of the nation.

The main event that June however, was the Micro Euro Summit 2022, held in Chyše, Czechia on the 25th of June and hosted by Obscurium and Duckionary. The summit was attended by 5 micronations and was a full success, with a second summit taking place on the 15th of July 2023 in the same location. It also saw the signing of the Chyše Charter, a document promoting honesty and professional conduct among micronations and the differanciation between micronations and similar but hostile entities.

During the same summer, the President also visited the micronations of Christiania, Ladonia, Edristan, Duckionary, The Sohnland, New Strathclyde, held a virtual state visit to Dracul and a visited the Seborga Consulate in Munich. The last visit was conducted along with Arthur of Duckionary and marked and important moment in micronational history, as Seborga had never before conducted a meeting with other micronations.

Obscurium also joined the League of Hellenistic Micronations after being invited to do so, marking the first time Obscurium has joined a micronational organisation since the USoV was disbanded in 2020.

October, the President was visited by the Grand Prince of Belakray, followed by the appointment of Andrew Franson as Obscurium’s third Vice President in November.

In February of 2023 Obscurium introduced its first currency, the Draco, postal stamps and opened an online store where hand made Obscurian art can be purchased.

On the 5th of March 2023 Obscurium celebrated its 5th Declaration Day, with in person attendees from Duckionary, Belakray and Obscurium and digital appearances by representatives of Pibocip, the Bavarian Democratic Republic and Atlia. Obscurium’s largest ever parade (4 people) was conducted on that day and followed by speeches by the aforementioned delegations and a diplomatic dinner. The main ceremony was conducted on a former military property in Kiel Holtenau, Germany and annexed as a ceremonial claim of Obscurium, the Free Protectorate of Flagpolis, during the festivities, giving Obscurium a physical place to hold ceremonies and festivities. Long time supporter of Obscurium Jan Olav Spiekermann was also made a full citizen and Supreme Judge of Obscurium during the celebrations and signed Obscurium’s new constitution, the Basic Law, into existence, together with President Antonov, after Obscurian citizens had worked for it for over a year.

While everything went as planned on the ground, the first live stream failed to record anything and hence the parade was only captured in a few photographs with President Antonov later referring to it as the “Phantom Parade”.

As of March 2023, Obscurium has 13 citizens.


Government Emblem of Obscurium

Obscurium is a republic, based on the principles of a direct democracy.

The President has the powers of the head of state and the head of government. The parliament is t legislative body in which all laws are proposed and approved or rejected.

As a liberal democracy, freedom is guaranteed to all citizens.

Government agencies include:

  • Ministry of Network and Communication
  • Ministry of Parades and Exploration
  • Ministry of Art and Culture
  • Ministry of Information and News
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Customs and Immigration
  • Ministry of Economy and Labour
  • Ministry of Finance

Foreign relations

Ministry Foreign Affairs Emblem

Obscurium is a member of the following intermicronational organisations:

Countries that have formal diplomatic relations with Obscurium:

Non-Armed Forces

Obscurium is against large useless militaries. The Non-Armed Forces merely exist to conduct parades and explorations.

Branches of the Non-Armed Forces:

Naval Force: Red Trident of Obscurity 

Parade Force: Obscure Mobile Ground Force "Mobie"



Time Capsule

The Obscurian Time Capsule

On the 26th of November 2020 at 16:37 Hrs. CET the official Obscurian Time Capsule was buried in the Green Garden. It will be reopened on the 26th of November 2050, 30 years after it was buried.

See the video about Time Capsule.

Herald of Obscurity

Former VP Thoclus Kyle and President Antonov started work on establishing an official newspaper for Obscurium in November 2021. It was initiated to make it possible for people to read about Obscurian news in detail without constantly having to keep an eye on the country itself.

The first prototype issue was written by Thoclus Kyle and published in late Novemeber of 2021 while the first proper issue was published on the 31st of December 2021.

National Symbols

National Flag

The Flag of Obscurium consists of a black field (for the Night Sky and Space) with one blue stripe at the top and the bottom (for the day sky), a green stripe running through the middle (for the land) ,The (White) All Seeing Eye located over the green stripe in the left half of the flag and the big dipper located next to it. On ships of the Red Trident this flag will be used as the Naval Jack. This flag is also used as the Civil Ensign.

National Coat of Arms

The National Coat of Arms of the United Republic of Obscurium  depicts a rampant red dragon on a golden field, standing atop a green hill. The dragon is surrounded by a blue border. Above the dragon are the black stars of the big dipper and above that the all seeing eye of Obscurium. Beneath the dragon, and in front of the green hill is a scroll with the words "Liberty, Unity, Obscurity" written on it.

This is the national motto of Obscurium, while the red dragon is the nations national animal,the big dipper a prominent symbol in the night sky and the all seeing eye a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. The blue border represents the sky and the green hill the Earth, while the blackness of the stars recalls the colour of space and the night sky.

Emblem of the Government

The Middle Coat of Arms of Obscurium or Emblem of the Government. Only the Government of Obscurium is allowed to use this symbol.

Lesser Emblem of Obscurium

The Lesser Emblem of Obscurium is just the All Seeing Eye, an easly regognisable symbol of Obscurium.

President's Standard

The Presidential Standard depicts the government emblem of the United Republic of Obscurium on a yellow circle, inside a blue lozenge with a white border. The four corners, left outside of the lozenge, are divided into two black and two green corners, with one of each at the top and bottom of the standard. Each corner also inlcudes a white, four pointed, star.

This standard shall only be used by the President of the United Republic of Obscurium. It is used to make the presence of the President of Obscurium known, wherever he may be.

National holidays

Obscurium celebrates quite a few holidays. Some of them are exclusively celebrated by us, some are Internationally recognized. 

Date Event Brief
1 January New Year's Day
3 March Declaration Day On this day in 2018 the forming of the UPRoM (today Obscurium) was declared by President Zar Antonov. Celebrated with a parade.
11 March Obelisk Day A day to point to the sky while chanting to become an obelisk and to share the stories of obscure historical events.
1 May International Workers Day A day to celebrate and honor our workers and the work they do.
6 May Hindenburg Memorial Day A day to remember the last great Airship, the LZ-129 Hindenburg and the glorious era of the Zeppelin. The Hindenburg burned up and crashed at Lakehurst New Jersey on 6 May 1937 taking 36 souls with it. 
8-9 May Victory Day In 1945 on this day the German Wehrmacht surrendered to the Allies ending the Second World War in Europe. Celebrated with Military Parades and memorial services.
3 June Great Auk Day On this day in 1844 the last breeding pair of Great Auk's was srangled to death off the coast of Iceland. We remember the extinction of this wonderful bird today and try to spare other species from the same fate.
4 June On that day in 1989 a peaceful protest on Tiananmen square in Beijing China was brutally crushed by the Chinese Government.
17 June On 17 June 1953, an uprising against the SED Regime in East Berlin East Germany was crushed by Soviet Troops.
28 June Rainbow Day A Day to celebrate Obscurian pride and the LGBTQ+ community.
7 July Dragon Day This is the day to celebrate dragons and anything dragon related in Obscurium.
20 July Landing Day The day on which in 1969 the Astronauts of Apollo 11 landed on the Moon of Earth and on wich the Viking 1 Spacecraft landed on Mars in 1976. Apollo 11 brought to first men to the Lunar Surface, Viking 1 was the first man made Spacecraft to land on Mars. 
26 September Petrov Day On this day in 1983 Stanislav Petrov decided not to fire back after a missle launch from the US on the USSR was detected. He was in charge of the command centre on this day and had he reacted differently we all might have never existed. The Launch later turned out to be a misinterpretation of sunbeams by the satelita who confused them with the launching flash of a nuclear missile.
4 October Sputnik Day Sputnik 1, the first artifical man made satelite was succesfully launched today in 1957 marking the begin of the Space race between USSR and USA. 
27 October Arkhipov Day On 27 October 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vasili Arkhipov decided not to fire a nuclear torpedo at an american vessel saving the world from a possible WW3.
3 November Laika Day Today in 1957 the Russian Dog Laika was shot into space making her the first living being from Earth to fly into space. She sadly died only hours later.
8 November On 8 October 1939, Georg Elser attempted to Kill Adolf Hitler with a bomb in the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich, Germany. Sadly the attempt failed and Georg Elser was caught and killed. It is still an admirable deed which should be remembered.
11 November Armistice Day Today in 1918 the Great War or WW1 Finally ended after more than 4 years of brutal fighting and millions of dead. 
24-26 December Christmas
31 December New Year's Eve


Free Protectorate of Flagpolis
Coat of arms
Anthem: Fafner March
Fafner March
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
• Governor
Lord Protector Jan-Olav Spiekermann
Establishment03 March 2023
• Census
CurrencyObscurian Draco
Time zoneCET

The Free Protectorate of Flagpolis became a ceremonial territory of Obscurium on the 3rd of March 2023 to celebrate our 5th Declaration Day.

Visa free access 24 hours a day.

The ceremonial status of Flagpolis indicates that Obscurium recognizes the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany over this land and seeks in no way to infringe upon it. The claim merely exists as a celebratory act, to have a fixed place in which to conduct ceremonies and to inform people about Obscurium.

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