Democratic Christian Republic of Melite

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Second Democratic Christian Republic of Melite

Ir-Repubblika Demokratika Kristjana ta Melite  (Maltese)
Motto: "Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat!" (Latin)
"Christ Wins, Christs Rules, Christ Conquers!"
Anthem: National Anthem of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite

Army Anthem: Auferstanden Aus Ruien

Presidential Anthem: Giovinezza
Administrative Map of Melite.svg
Largest DistrictMustensis
Official languagesMaltese
Roman Catholicism
GovernmentPresidential, Semi-Federal Republic
Matthew P. P. Tonna
Julian David Cassar
Matthew Vella
Parliament of Melite
YeLand Regional Council
Seceded from the Republic of Malta
• Founding and Consitution Day
27 September 2019
• 2021 estimate
15 ( 8)
• 2021 census
12 (Residential)
1 (Diplomatic)
CurrencyTonna bucks
Euro (TB/€)
Time zoneUTC-1 (CET)
• Summer (DST)
UTC-2 (CET+1)
Date formatdd/mm/yy
Calling code+356
Patron saintSt. Paul and St. Publius
Preceded by
Democratic Communist Republic of 11B
  1. Roman Catholicism is the official religion of Melite, and is subservient to the Roman Catholic (macronational) Archdiocese of Malta, so as to prevent schism and stay in full communion with the Holy See/Vatican.

Melite (mel-ee'-tay) , officially the Second Democratic Christian Republic of Melite (abbreviated as D.C.R.), and formerly the Democratic Christian Republic of 11B (D.C.R. 11B) is a micronation located in Malta. Founded in a secondary school in 2019, it lasted 2 scholastic years in the first capital, Santa Venera (now Leoni District). The Capital City is now Dominica, in the Maltese town of Rabat. The primary purpose of the micronation was to unite the class students into one team.. The Students united under one flag and and protected student's rights. As school is now finished, the D.C.R. sets its sight to seceding from the Republic of Malta, therefore transforming it from a Simulationlist Micronation to a Secessionist Micronation, even though the micronation is still mostly based online.


The name Melite comes from the Latin word for Honey. It was also the name of the Maltese city of Mdina in the Roman Era. The word comes from the Ancient Greek "Μελίτη", also meaning calm or honey sweet.


The nation started in a Saint Elias' College School secondary class of 21 people, all on the demographic of 12 to 13 years at the time.


In 2020, the population went down by 1, as the nation expelled a student who showed inappropriate conduct and constant breach of the consensual rules declared between the class peers. A year after in 2021, the Population tumbled down to 1, as the scholastic year ended, and all students left the nation, leaving Matthew P. P. Tonna, who would then become the President of Melite, as the only citizen.


On 4 October 2021, 3 citizens re-joined the Republic. As of 2021, the Republic has 14 citizens in the country.

Intermicronational Recognition

Currently, the D.C.R. is recognized by, 0 Sovereign States, and 28 Micronations.


The Montediszamble Convention

Libertas Convention (On Membership in the League of Independent Nations)

The Hamburg Convention (On Membership in the Organization of European Micronations.)

Countries With Bilateral Relations

Planned Article with ongoing construction: List of countries or organisations recognised or banned by Melite

Flag Conventional/Official Name
IMG 20210302 035208.jpg The Wakoku Federation
New Flag of Cimbrun.svg The Hellenistic Empire of Cimbrun
Shadow Metropolis.png The Republic of Shadow Metropolis.
Bandiera nuova litle.png The Principality of Shedingeh
Amazonia-flag.svg The Most Serene Republic of Amazonia
Espoona Flag.png The Democratic Republic of Espoona
Nexan Republic.jpg The Nexan Republic
H. Sifanix Empire.jpg The Holy Empire of Sifanix
No flag Abelden.png Empire of Scordia
No flag Abelden.png Empire of Hwaryeong

Former Diplomatic Relations

Flag Official/Conventional Name Action / Reason
De Nueverina.jpg Republic of De Nueverina Diplomatic relations cut off.

Reason unclear.

The Grand Republic of Fellisia.png The Grand Republic of Fellisia Defunct.

Conflicts and wars

The D.C.R. cannot declare war or claim other micronations' territory, as the Constitution prohibits it. But, our allows the defence of the Motherland and its allies should the need arise.

Conflicts involving the D.C.R.
Official Name Date Result
Basktinstinian Crisis 22/09/2021 Stalemate

The D.C.R. is a signatory member of the Union Against Micronational War.


The Democratic Christian Republic of Melite Army, is currently (Oct 2021) ongoing reformation and organisation. Some Military Flags have already been Designed and Approved by the President, and Ranks Conferred.

Elections and referendums

Flag of the First Republic (Pre-christianization)

The Elections and Referendi held in the D.C.R. from the First Republic-era to the present are:

  • 2021 Presidential Elections won by Andre Mifsud also for the Potato Party.


Political parties

Seats Diagram of the Parliament of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite
Seat diagram of the Parliament of Melite

Melite has four political parties registered with the electoral commission, 2 holding at least one seat, with the Parliament having in total 5 seats. The C.N.P. is currently in control of the Presidency, and has 2 seats in the Parliament of the D.C.R, therefore the government is currently a coalition government, with the TT Party which has 3 seats in Parliament. The Anarchist Party is currently in control of the YeLand SAR, with the Mayor being the leader of the Party. It is in control of the YeLand Regional Council, but has no seats in Parliament. The Directionist Party also holds no seats, the Presidency, or any Supreme Judges.

Logo Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Parliament YeLand Regional Council Local Governments
Christian Nationalist Party of the DCRMelite Logo.png Christian Nationalist Party CNP Matthew Tonna Right-Wing to Far-Right. Christian Nationalism
Far Right
Christian Right
2 / 5
0 / 2
3 / 8
TT Party Symbol.png TT Party TT Arama Vella Centre-Left to Left Unknown
3 / 5
0 / 2
5 / 8
Anarchist Party Melite.png Anarchist Party of Melite AP Julian David Cassar Left to Far-Left Anarcho-Communism
0 / 4
2 / 2
0 / 8
Directionist Party of Melite.png Directionist Party DP Vincent Paul Center[a] Directionist
0 / 4
0 / 2
0 / 8


The Official Religion of Melite is Roman Catholicism and is permanently established through the Constitution of Melite, although it chooses to adhere to the Archdiocese of Malta, so as to be guaranteed communion with the Vatican in Rome.


Qualitative Classification (Tallini)

Brick and Mortar

Dresner's System of Classification


Linden's Revised System of Classification


Hamilton's Scale of Micronational Seriousness


National Awards

Currently Instituted Award

The Order of the Golden Sun of Melite is a replacement for the Order of the Holy Cross, the High Order of the D.C.R. Melite and the Friendship Ribbon, all defunct since 29 December 2021, after Presidential Decree 5/2021 constituted the Order of the Golden Sun and put the other awards in a state of dormancy.[1]

Former National Awards

The Order of the Holy Cross

Was granted only on National Holidays to countries that contribute immensely to the micronation. Three could be given every national day.

Post Nominal: O.H.B.C. (D.C.R. Melit.)

The Ribbon that came with the Order of the Holy Book and Cross. Courtesy of the Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra, Dhrubajyoti Roy.

The High Order of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite.

Was given at the discretion of the President of the D.C.R. The holder of this award was entitled to the post nominal letters: H.O. (D.C.R. Melit.) and were presented with a ribbon (only a virtual picture).

The Ribbon that came with the High Order of the D.C.R. Courtesy of the Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra, Dhrubajyoti Roy.

The Friendship Ribbon of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite.

Was granted only on Founding Day to nations collectively (unlike the H.O. [D.C.R.] which only gives it to Heads of State.)

No post nominals were included, as it was an award given to a nation collectively.

This Ribbon had only been awarded once, to date.

The Ribbon that came with the Friendship Ribbon of the D.C.R..

Administrative Divisions

The Democratic Christian Republic of Melite is made up of a total of 9 districts; the YeLand Special Administrative Region, and 8 other districts.

YeLand S.A.R.

Flag of the EyLand Special Administrative Region of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite
Flag of the YeLand Special Administrative Region

On the 30th October 2021, Julian David Cassar declared an independent YeLand Special Administrative Region. With orders from the President of the Republic, YeLand has been re-incorporated in the D.C.R., but as a municipality with a high degree of autonomy, and Cassar appointed as Mayor[b]. SARs are regulated by Chapter 4 of the Constitution of Melite, including the right for the President to unilaterally dissolve the SAR. Since then, the YeLand SAR has always been a stronghold of the Anarchist Party, which holds both two seats in the YeLand Regional Council.

Other Districts

On 8 January 2022, the Parliament of Melite passed the 2022 District Act[2], dividing Melite into 8 districts, excluding the YeLand S.A.R. The Bill would permit every district to bring forward 2 candidates to be Members of Parliament representing their District.

Flag Conventional Name of the District Mayor Description
Dominica AC.svg The Melitian Autonomous City of Dominica The President of the D.C.R. Melite[c] Named after St. Dominic, Founder and Patron of the Order of the Preachers, it is the Capital and largest City of Melite. It is the headquarter and stronghold of the Christian Nationalist Party.

The President of Melite is ex-officio the Mayor of the Autonomous City. It is found in the village of Rabat, Malta.

Birmula.svg The Melitian District of Birmula Arama Vella (TT) Derived from the Maltese compound word "Bir Mula", the Birmula District is found in the Maltese village of Bormla. It is also the headquarter seat of the TT Party.
Comino Melite Dark.jpg The Melitian District of Comino Jeremy Galea (TT) Melite claims the Maltese Island of Comino in protest of the Socialist Maltese Government's granting assent to businessmen to build hotels and residential accommodations on the island, putting the island's wildlife and endemic species at risk.
Kilna.svg The Melitian District of Kilna David Tagliaferro (TT) Its name is derived from the English word Kiln, the thermally insulated oven used to make clay, as also depicted by the flame and oven in the district flag. It is found in the Maltese village of Kalkara.
Leoni District.svg The Melitian District of Leoni Christopher Schembri (CNP) This district is located in the Maltese village of Santa Venera, where a famous villa, called Casa Leoni, has given the District its name.
Melincia.svg The Melitian District of Melincia Mariah Rodo (TT) This district is located in the Maltese village of Haz-Zabbar. The Flag is a blend of the proper Zabbari flag, and a Melitian Sun on charged on top of it.
Mustensis.svg The Melitian District of Mustensis Matthew Vella (TT) The district is named after Mosta, the Maltese village the district used to make part of, one landmark is the Parrocchial Church, dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady.
Saracinia.svg The Melitian District of Saracinia Matthew Trapani (CNP) Derived from the word "Sarraċin", and located in the Maltese village of Attard. It's flag bears the Monogram 'M', derived from the Coat of Arms of Pope John Paul II, symbolising also the Assumption of Our Lady, Patron of the Maltese village, but also that of the Melitian District.


TVMelite Logo

Melite is mostly based online, with only Parliament meeting in a physical place once a month. Therefore, the Government stays in touch with the people using social media, particularly, Twitter and the official Discord server, where most proceedings and governmental updates are given.

The Melitian Times is released online on its Website.

Melite has its own State Television named TVMelite, which is mostly based on YouTube, and modelled on KCTV.

YeLand Radio, managed by residents of the YeLand SAR, was recently established as a Voice Channel on the D.C.R. Discord Server, with the Hydra Discord Bot being used to play the music.

Holidays of the D.C.R.

Like every Republic, Melite has its own feasts to commemorate Heroes and Events in the Republic. The Lists includes religious holidays, civil holidays and commemorative holidays.

Date Holiday Name
The Evening between 31st December

and the whole of 1st January.

St. Silvester (31), and New Year's Day (Holy Mary, Mother of God)
10th February. St. Paul's Shipwreck in Malta
As decided by the Roman Catholic Church. Easter Sunday
9th May. Feast of St. George Preca, the only recognized Maltese saint
1st May. St. Joseph the Worker's Day
27th September. Constitution Day
29th September. Founding Day
1st November. Day of the Dead
8th December. The Feast of the Immaculate Conception
25th December. Christmas Day

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List of Flags of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite



  1. Melitian Government, (30 December 2021) - "5/2021 On the Order of the Golden Sun"
  2. Melitian Government, 9 January 2022, 1/2022 District Act


  1. Described by its Leader as the "True Center".
  2. Mayor-President since 8 January 2022, after the passing of the 2022, Dictrict Act.
  3. Ex-Officio Role of the President of Melite