Paloman Melita

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Paloman Melita
Paloman Melita of the Hospitaller
Paloman Melita del Hospitalario (Spanish)
Melita Palomana Ospitaljiera (Maltese)
Flag of Paloman Melita
Official seal of Paloman Melita
Coat of arms
"In Christus, Melita sperat" (Latin)
(English: "In Christ, Melita hopes.")
Location of Paloman Melita in Southern Europe
Location of Paloman Melita in Southern Europe
Sovereign state Free Socialist State of Paloma
Territory formed25 June 2022
and largest city
Common languagesSpanish
Roman Catholicism
Demonym(s)Paloman Melitan, Hospitallers (unofficial)
GovernmentDevolved presidential Socialist dependency
• Governor
Matthew Tonna (CPP)
• Census
CurrencyPaloman dinero
Time zoneUTC+1:00 (Central European Time)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideleft

Paloman Melita, officially called Paloman Melita of the Hospitaller (Spanish: Paloman Melita del Hospitalario, PMH), is an unincorporated and organized territory of the Free Socialist State of Paloma, located on the island of Malta. It is totally landlocked by Maltese territory, with the nearest micronation, the Democratic Christian Federation of Melite being 6.07 km away.


Paloman Melita was formed on 25 June 2022, after Paloman citizen and Maltese national Matthew Tonna claimed Maltese land in Mġarr Village for Paloma. The territory was legalised on the same day after a bill to the Supreme Paloman on the same issue passed with six votes in favour and two abstentions, formally establishing the area as Paloman sovereign land.