Administrative divisions of Paloma

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Map of contiguous Paloma with provincial border lines including Punto de Sal, which is shown at a different scale.

The Free Socialist State of Paloma is a federal Marxist–Leninist one-party socialist republic consisting of 4 provinces, two autonomous cities (Punto de Sal and Ponce) and 2 major territories that together form Paloma.

The primary first-level political division of Paloma is the province. There are 3 provinces, which are bound together in a union. All provincial governments are modeled off the Federal government and Supreme Paloman

The primary political and administrative entity of Paloma is the Province. Tejabasco calls itself as "chartered province" and Pajaro calls itself a "free province". The terms do not reflect the political stance of the provinces or the government form.

The 4 Provinces can be divided into regions in many different ways. Most common term for the four provinces is Metropolitan Paloma, which typically refers to the contiguous Paloma.


The table below lists the 4 states, with their current capital, largest city, the date they ratified the Paloman Constitution or were admitted to the federation, population, number of municpalities and number of representative(s) in the Supreme Paloman.

Flag, name and
postal abbreviation
Cities Ratification or
Population Number of Reps.
Capital Largest city
Pajaro PO Paloma City Paloma City 20 November 2019 33 2
Taylor TA Nuevo Holdertona Nuevo Holdertona 20 March 2020 12 1
Tejabasco TB Piedra Piedra 30 December 2020 9 1

Autonomous cities

Name and
postal abbreviation
Established Population Number
of Reps.
Flag of Ponce, Paloma.svg Ponce PE 21 May 2020 7 1
Punto de Sal PS 23 January 2021 1 1


A map showing the location of each territory controlled by Paloma.Inhabited territories are marked in green, and uninhabited territories are marked in orange.
Flag, name and
postal abbreviation
Cities Acquired Territorial status Population Number of Reps.
Capital Largest city
Paloman Malaya PM Cheras Cheras 3 November 2021 Unincorporated, organized 4 none
Tekukor Island PK none none 30 May 2022 Unincorporated, organized 1 none
Paloman Melita PH Lippija Lippija 25 June 2022 Unincorporated, organized 2 1
Paloman Formosa PF none none 23 April 2021 Unincorporated, organized 4 none
Paloman West Africa PW El Alamein El Alamein 25 March 2021 Unincorporated, organized 2 1
Isla Fox del Sur IF none none 9 January 2021 Unincorporated, unorganized 0 none
Paloman Antarctic Islands AI none none 9 January 2021 Unincorporated, unorganized 0 none