Supreme Paloman

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Supreme Paloman

Paloman Supremo
1st Supreme Paloman Assembly
Founded20 November 2019
Political groups
  Communist Party of Paloma (6)
Last election
Meeting place

The Supreme Paloman (legally known as the Paloman Supremo De La Gratis Estado Socialista De Paloma) is the highest organ of state power and the national legislature of the Free Socialist State of Paloma, it is also the only house in the Paloman government. The Supreme Paloman is a de jure elected body consisting of representatives who serve as governors and mayors from prefectures and autonomous cities of Paloma. With 6 members in 2021, the Supreme Paloman meets in full session roughly every two months—and votes on important pieces of legislation in what it calls "bi-monthly meetings". Representatives are de facto chosen by the President & General Secretary; and confirmed by the body itself. They have regular meetings in the official Discord venue, and upload each document to the official government website.[1]

Under Paloma's Constitution, the Supreme Paloman is structured as a unicameral legislature, with the de jure power to legislate and oversee the operations of the government, the supreme court, special committees, the central military commission and elect the major officers of state. The Supreme Paloman has commonly described as a de facto rubber stamping body.

Legislative process

The legislative process of the Supreme Paloma works according to a proposal, review and finally a vote. First a the proposal is made by the representative and they explain the purpose of the legislature. This is then followed by consultation and review by experts and other representatives for approving in principle by the Communist Party and its ethics. Afterwards, the legislation undergoes a reading by members and is then motioned to be voted on. A majority must be reached to pass or fail, If a tie occurs the bill will be voted on again on a later date or at the next meeting. If a bill fails It can be re-voted again in the next sitting. Failed or tied bills can be re-voted on for a unlimited amount of time.

Represent ivies in the Supreme Paloman when voting use a voice vote system. Representatives are told to choice between three given options: aye, nay or abstain. Votes are counted individually this way. Representatives may also block a bill from being voted upon by doing a non-stop debate, or filibuster.


This list is updated actively according to the updates on the Government website & Discord server.[2][3]

  • Paloma City Agreement (certain articles repealed, awaiting full repeal)
  • Paloman Rights Act of 2020
  • Classify Information Act of 2020
  • Define Treason Act of 2020
  • Create Website Act of 2020
  • Offensive Symbols Act of 2021
  • Format Act of 2021
  • Federal Excrement Claim Act of 2021
  • Environmental Stewardship Act of 2021
  • Diplomatic Standards to Paloma Act of 2021
  • First Green Machias Act of 2021
  • First La Machias Rio Act of 2021
  • State-Owned-Enterprise Act of 2021
  • National Symbols Act of 2021
  • Amendment of Vice-President Act of 2021
  • Amalgamate Republic of New Paloma Act of 2021
  • Judicial Act of 2021
  • Wendatia Act of 2021
  • Tekukor Act of 2022
  • Copyright Act of 2022
  • National Firearms Act of 2022

List of members


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