Jackson I of Kapreburg

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Jackson I
Jackson I in 2020
King of Kapreburg
Reign 17 May 2020 - Present
Coronation Not crowned
Predecessor Throne established
Heir presumptive Prince Ryan
Full name
Jack Ryan
House Morris

Jackson I (Alternate names include Shaking Drum and IACKSONVS RIANNVS MORRIS born Jack Ryan Morris, 15 March 2007) is the King of the Empire of Kapreburg. In Ikonia, he serves as the Chief of Police, and is the Duke of Crystal. In Paloma he serves as the Vice President.

He was removed from the MicroWiki community after allegations were later proven true concerning his behaviour towards other community members.

Early life

Jackson was born at the Palos Hospital, in Palos Heights, Illinois on 15 March 2007. He was named after his mother's father, so his parents' last names are not Morris, but Walker.

Jackson is an avid cuber, and supports conservatism.

Jackson I pictured sometime shortly after his birth. On the left is his mother, Denise and on the right is his brother, Ryan Walker.
Jackson I performing snare drum for his school band.
Jackson I solving a Rubik's cube for a Rubik's cube competition.

Titles, styles, honours, and arms

27 September 2017 – 17 May 2019
His Excellency Jack Morris
17 May 2019 – 28 September 2019
His Imperial Majesty Jackson I
28 September 2019 – 17 May 2020
His Majesty Tsar Jackson I of Kapreburg, Prince of Norticia and Protector of the United States of America
17 May 2020 – present
His Majesty King Jackson I of Kapreburg, Protector of the United States of America
27 February 2019 – 7 April 2019
His Grace, the Duke of Crystal OTE
7 April 2019 – 2 August 2020
His Grace Chief of Police the Duke of Crystal OD OTE
2 August 2020 – present
His Grace Chief of Police the Duke of Crystal, Postmaster General of Ikonia OD GCP OE OTE OTA
1 April 2020 – 1 October 2020
4th Ambassador Jack Ryan
1 October 2020 – present
Jack Ryan Morris
 United States
15 March 2007 – 20 January 2020
Jack Ryan Morris
20 January 2020 – present
His Imperial Majesty Morris I Emperor of the United States and Protector of Canada
2 June 2020 – 18 September 2020
Aircraftman Jack Ryan Morris
18 September 2020 – 24 September 2020
Ordinary musician Jack Ryan Morris HRN
24 September 2020 – 9 November 2020
Warrant officer Jack Ryan Morris HRN
9 November 2020 – present
His Excellency Warrant officer Jack Ryan Morris HRN

Standards and arms

Coat of arms of the Empire of Kapreburg.svg
Royal Monogram of Jackson I.svg
Shield of arms of the House of Morris-Peterson.svg
Full Armorial Achievement of Jackson I.svg
Full achievement of arms of the Duke of Crystal.svg
Coat of arms of Jack Ryan Morris in Baustralia.svg
Coat of arms as King of Kapreburg
Royal Monogram as King of Kapreburg
Coat of arms as Sovereign of the House of Morris-Peterson
Personal Coat of arms
Coat of arms as the Duke of Crystal
Coat of arms in Baustralia


Being a human is both a blessing and a curse.
— Jack Ryan Morris, 2020

There are so many political parties I hate with a passion, communism, fasicsm, but people who believe in it have the right to do so. We can't make it a criminal offense for having an opinion.
— Jack Ryan Morris, 2019
I felt like I was half way to putting the last piece of the puzzle in, and then a tornado came and threw the whole puzzle away.
— Jack Ryan Morris, 2019
You can't win the race if you don't start your engine.
— Jack Ryan Morris, 2019
Don't set your mind on if, set your mind on when.
— Jack Ryan Morris, 2018


Ancestors of Jackson I
16. Charles W.
8. Robert W.
17. Elizabeth W.
4. Ronald W.
9. Lucille S.
2. Richard R. Walker
20. Jakob L.
10. Theodore L.
21. Helen M.
5. Barbara L.
22. Frank K.
11. Anna K.
23. Charlotte R.
1. Jackson I
24. Charles M.
12. Roy M.
25. Marie P.
6. Jack M.
26. Albert W.
13. Lillian W.
27. Eleonora D.
3. Denise M. Morris
28. Johan P.
14. John P.
29. Emily L.
7. Emily P.
30. Jacob F.
15. Magdalen F.
31. Anna W.
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Political History

Jackson's first interest in politics sparked in 2013. He was chosen to represent his class in the school's student council. He served for the rest of the year until 2014.

After that, in 2017, when Jackson was in 5th Grade, he wanted to get involved with Student Council again. This time he ran for President of the Student Council, but ultimately came in 3rd place.

Currently, Jackson serves as a class representative in student council and plans to run for Student Council President in 2021

History in Kapresh Politics

Jack Morris founded Kapreburg in 2012. He was never genuine leader, but he kind of controlled the whole state until 2017.

In 2017, Kapreburg held its first general Presidential election. Jack Morris ran but eventually lost to Ahmad Johnson. Although Ahmad Johnson made Morris Vice President.

In September 2017, Johnson would resign making Jack Morris the 2nd President of Kapreburg.

In 2018, Jack Morris ran for re-election and won against James Holmes.

On 17 May 2019, Jack Morris became Tsar Jackson I of Kapreburg.

Micronational career


Jackson first gained interest in Micronationalism through his brother, Ryan Walker. On 27 September 2012 he founded the Republic of Zekia.

Sometime in 2017 he founded the Protzkyan World Republic and in 2018 he founded Kapreburg.


Jackson serves as the Duke of Crystal and Chief of Police in Ikonia.


In Paloma, Jackson served as the Vice President from 20 November 2019 to 16 April 2020, and from 19 April 2019 to 10 September 2020.


In Riloia, Jackson served as the fourth Ambassador.


Jackson I of Kapreburg
Born: 15 March 2007
Regnal Titles
Preceded by
John I
King of Kapreburg
(Styled Tsar from 17 May 2019 to 17 May 2020)

17 May 2019 - present
Peerage of Ikonia
New title Duke of Crystal
26 February 2019 - present
Heraldic offices
New title Crystal Pursuviant of His Majesty's Heraldic Authority
27 October 2020 - present
New title Chief Herald of Wohlstand Vereinigung
15 November 2020 - present
Preceded by
Lord Jenkinson of Worthing
Gadus Principal King of Arms
17 November 2020 - present
Police appointments
New title Chief of Police of Ikonia
7 April 2019 - present
Government offices
New title Postmaster General of Ikonia
2 August 2020 - present
Diplomatic posts
New title Consul in Illinois
22 August 2020 - present
New title Ambassador to the Free Socialist State of Paloma
9 November 2020 - present
Political offices
Preceded by
Ryan Walker
Ambassador of Riloia
1 April 2020 - 1 October 2020
Succeeded by
Ryan Walker
New title Vice President of the Free Socialist State of Paloma
20 November 2019 - 16 April 2020
19 April 2020 - 10 September 2020
Succeeded by
Charles Burgardt
Preceded by
Charles Burgardt