Kapresh Royal Army

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Kapresh Royal Army
Founded10 July 2019; 4 years ago (2019-07-10)
Country Kapreburg
Allegiance Jackson I
General of the Army Jackson I
Ceremonial flag

The Kapresh Royal Army (officially abbreviated as the KRA) is the ground warfare branch of the Armed Forces of Kapreburg, responsible for the protection of the Empire of Kapreburg. It was formed on 10 July 2019 by Jackson I with Ayden Coleman named the Minister of Defense.

On 2 January 2021 His Majesty's Royal Army Band was formed and Jackson I cancelled actual duties of the Army in favor for music. This was reversed upon the formation of the Royal Kenton Rifles.

The Royal Army is infamous for their tactic of capturing enemy soldiers as prisoners of war during battle, and some have stated that the Kapresh army is cruel with the people they capture. Another famous tradition of the Kapresh Royal Army is stealing small, trivial items from the enemy before battles. This began when Jackson I accidentally kept a map of Whynofly that was given to him at the Battle of Whynofly. This was continued in the Midlothian War, with things like maps, flags, and patches being stolen.



Rank Structure

NATO equiv. code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student officer
Kapreburg Kapreburg
No equivalent No equivalent
General of the Army General Lieutenant General Major General Brigadier General Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Rank group Senior NCOs Junior NCOs Enlisted
Kapreburg Kapreburg
Sergeant Major Master Sergeant Sergeant First Class Staff Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Lance corporal Private