La Câlin

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La Câlin
Part of the Baustralian War
Date9-19 February 2019
Result Baustralian and Quebecois victory

La Câlin is a military campaign of Baustralia and the Republic of Quebec. Aimed at Kapreburg, Quebec and Baustralia invaded and took control of the land on 9 February 2019. The event happened after the President of Kapreburg had faked his death by gunshot, and by protocol, the power went to the current vice-president, Aidan McGrath. With careful co-ordination with the Crown of Baustralia, the Baustralian Forces occupied.

The acting President of Kapreburg, also the President of the Republic of Quebec, then used power to his advantage, and abused it by allowing occupation by Baustralia, then followed by jointly occupying with his Quebecois forces, creating Occupied Kapreburg.

On 19 February 2019, after the Baustralian War Board ruled against advancing any further, the Baustralian forces withdrew from the battle.