House of Commons (Baustralia)

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House of Commons
7th Parliament
Coat of arms or logo
Lower house of the Parliament of Baustralia
Founded2 July 2017
Since 20 June 2017
Commons political groups
  •   Speaker
  •   Conservative (11)
  •   Liberal (7)
  •   Nationalist (1)

The House of Commons is the lower house of the Parliament of Baustralia. It consists of 21 seats held by an elected representative for each municipality in Baustralia.


Members of the House of Commons
Member Party Riding
The Hon. Sir Greg Watts Speaker Redmond
The Rt. Hon. Lord John Timpson Conservative Cascadia
The Rt. Hon. Sir Nick Sullivan Conservative Wabasso
The Rt. Hon. Lady Ella Parker Conservative Westminster
The Hon. Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia Conservative Gloucester
The Rt. Hon. Sir Oliver Doig Conservative McNevin
The Hon. Sir James Gardner Conservative Braunfels
The Hon. William Perks Conservative Marlborough
 The Hon. Benjamin Levinson Conservative Jackson
The Hon. Thomas Jacobs Conservative Nicotinia
The Hon. Brianna Broersma Conservative Stonia
The Hon. Kanyon Paradis Conservative Pittsburgh
The Hon. Logan Perry-Ardens Liberal Smithfield
The Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Burgardt Liberal Seamanhattan
The Hon. Carson Snyder Liberal Middlesex
The Hon. Soren FitzGibbons Liberal Allan
The Hon. Matthew Hughes Liberal Scriver
The Hon. Ava Calero Liberal Vienna
The Hon. Arthur van der Bruyn Liberal Bowmanton
The Rt. Hon. Micheal Johnson Nationalist Northumbria

Seating plan

van der Bruyn Perry-Ardens Calero FitzGibbons
Hughes Burgardt Snyder Johnson
Gardner Sullivan Doig Broersma Timpson Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia
Paradis Prasetia Jacobs Perks Parker