House of Commons (Baustralia)

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House of Commons
6th Parliament
Coat of arms or logo
Lower house of the Parliament of Baustralia
Founded2 July 2017
John I
Since 20 June 2017
6th Baustralian Parliament seating plan - House of Commons.svg
Commons political groups
  •   Speaker
  •   Liberal (7)
  •   Libertarian (2)
  •   Conservative (7)
  •   Communist (4)

The House of Commons is the lower house of the Parliament of Baustralia. It consists of 15 seats held by an elected representative for each municipality in Baustralia.


Members of the House of Commons
Member Party Riding
Shield of arms of Greg Watts.svg The Hon. Sir Greg Watts Speaker Red County
Shield of arms of Emily Day.svg The Hon. Logan Perry-Ardens Liberal Smithfield
Shield of arms of Emily Day.svg The Hon. Lady Emily Day Liberal O’Neil
Shield of arms of Charles Burgardt.svg The Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Burgardt Liberal Seamanhattan
Shield of arms of Carson Snyder.svg The Hon. Carson Snyder Liberal Middlesex
 The Hon. Soren FitzGibbons Liberal Allan
 The Hon. Manggala Prasetia Liberal Jackson
 The Hon. Ava Calero Liberal Vienna
 The Hon. Ian Smith II Libertarian Northumbria
 The Hon. Matthew Hughes Libertarian Scriver
Shield of arms of Sir John Timpson.svg The Rt. Hon. Sir John Timpson Conservative Holderton County
 The Hon. Kanyon Paradis Conservative Cascadia
Shield of Sir Nick Sullivan.svg The Rt. Hon. Sir Nick Sullivan Conservative Wabasso
Shield of a Daughter of the House of Richardson.svg The Rt. Hon. Lady Ella Parker Conservative Westminster
Shield of arms of Oliver Doig.svg The Hon. Oliver Doig Conservative McNevin
Shield of James Gardner.svg The Hon. Sir James Gardner Conservative Braunfels
 The Hon. Rory McPhail Conservative Nicotinia
Shield of arms of Arthur Lacey-Scott.svg The Hon. Arthur Lacey-Scott Communist Gloucester
Marquess of Zenmurdistan Arms.svg The Hon. Leon Montan Communist Kingsdynexshire
Shield of arms of the House of McGrath.svg The Rt. Hon. Aidan McGrath Communist Marlborough
Shield of arms of Andrew Brotherton.svg The Rt. Hon. Andrew Brotherton Communist Monaghan