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Baustralia (/bəˈstrliə, ɒ-/ (About this sound (listen))) is a landlocked micronation with minor creeks running through which account for 7% of its superficial area. It claims sovereignty over land claims in Canada and minor claims in the United States. It is the head of the Baustralian Empire, governing over three states claimed as a result of the Baustralian Conquest. It's first and current reigning monarch is John I, who also holds the titles of King and Emperor of Ostreum.

The name of Baustralia came about when John I and John Timpson was imagining a country of naval prowess and was similar to Australia in topography and climate. Due to these similarities, a 'B' was added. For the name of Australia, it is derived from the Latin australis, meaning "southern", and inspired by the hypothetical Terra Australis of pre-modern geography.

The idea for the formation of Baustralia came to mind when the King John I was doing a geography project on types of governments. Upon researching, John stumbled upon Sealand, and Molossia. After careful thought and planning came the formation.

A week after formation, Cold Creek, the province that contains the capital, had a coup d'état and was settled by a treaty to allow separation, this done in the best interests of the Baustralians. This coup caused the capital to move from Cold Creek to Cascadia.

Then, the king and John Timpson started work on the constitution, and upon royal approval, the Kingdom became a constitutional monarchy, based upon the likes of the United Kingdom. The kingdom is now 4 years, 3 months and 2 days old.

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The Baustralia general election of 2018 was held on 20 June to elect members of the House of Commons of Baustralia of the 2nd Parliament of Baustralia. The election was called by John I after appointing the Duke of Cascadia a year before. John did this as he felt the citizens should have their prime minister elected by them rather then appointed. It is the first election of Baustralia.

John Timpson will now expect to serve a four year term, the first of his four consecutive terms.

Electoral system

The prime minister is elected directly by the citizens where they fill ballots saying which prime minister they wish to elect, then the votes are tallied per province, with the competitor voted by majority gaining the seat in parliament. The competitor with the most seats becomes prime minister.

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The flag of Baustralia, often referred to as the Baustralian flag is a national flag consisting of a blue field with a white square at its centre in the ratio of 1:2:1, in the middle of which is featured a Baustralian Fish charged in the centre. It is the first specified by law for use as the country's national flag.

It's vertical equivalent is the same as the normal flag, though everything is turned 90° except the fish. The Federal Symbols Act 2, MMXVII dictates that for a flag to be considered 'vertical', it must be at most 45° from the ground.

There also exists flags to identify whether the Kingdom is in a state of emergency or transition, or where the emergency is. Green is used for transition, dark red for emergency, black for naval emergencies, red for terrestrial emergencies, or yellow for aerial emergencies.

Royalty Military biographies of Baustralia
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Her Royal Highness Surgeon vice admiral Katelynn, Princess of Wabasso LG DBE OE KSM BTA (Katelynn Anne; born 4 November 2005) is a senior His Royal Navy officer.

She was Queen of Edstmae from November 2017 until the kingdom was occupied by Baustralia on 10 February 2018, after which she held the title in pretence. Later, John gave back some land from Edstmae, which he regretted, so he pressured Katelynn into giving the kingdom to John in the means of abdication. John then converted it into a dominion of Baustralia.

His Grace Air marshal Felkin Parker, 1st Duke of London KG KO (4 November 2002 - present) is a Ostrei politician who served as the first Dictator of Ostrem, and is now serving as Viceroy. He serves in His Royal Air Force as Deputy Chief of the Air Staff with the rank of Air Marshal. He previously served as Chief of the Coast Guard under His Royal Navy. He is being educated in The Bahamas.

Parker's full title is:

His Grace and Excellency Air Marshal Felkin Alaric Parker, 1st Duke of London in the Province of London, 1st Viscount Parker in the County of Kingston, 1st Viceroy and Lord Governor of Ostreum, 1st Dictator of Ostreum, Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Gadus, Chancellor of the Order of Ostreum, Chancellor of the Order of Tentacion.