National symbols of Baustralia

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List of symbols

Baustralia does not have a floral emblem.

Symbol Image Declared
National flag Flag of Baustralia.svg 20 June 2017
Royal standard Royal Standard of Baustralia.svg Royal arms of Baustralia in banner form
Royal cypher JIR cypher.svg 2018
Royal arms Royal Arms of Baustralia.svg 20 June 2018, current version 19 April 2018
Great Seal Great Seal of Baustralia.svg 7 October 2017, current version 10 February 2019
Royal anthem Gstk.png
"God Save the King"
"God Save the King"
2017 (song dates to 1744)
Motto Royal Arms of Baustralia - Motto.svg
Dieu et mon droit
(God and my right)
14 April 2018
National colours


534 C

Blue (pantone)
534 C


20 June 2017
National tartan Baustralian tartan.png
Baustralian Tartan
April 14, 2017