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County of Holderton
Flag of County of Holderton
Coat of arms of County of Holderton
Country Baustralia
RIS 002 codeBU-HD

The County of Holderton is the oldest, most populous county, and most expansive in Baustralia. Originally the Province of Holderton County, it consisted of north Cascadia. On 25 January 2018, seven months after the foundation, Cascadia amalgamated with the Provinces of Tremur and Forest Creek, and His Majesty's District was incorporated as the City of Concord.

After provinces were redesignated as Counties, the County of Holderton County (later reduced to the County of Holderton) amalgamated with the County of Smithfield - which itself was an amalgamation of close small provinces - as well as the County of Flavora, which became Red County (later renamed Redmond, in the same name reduction effort).

The four municipalities of Holderton each possess a seat in the House of Commons.

Member Constituency Political party
Lord John Timpson Cascadia Conservative
Thomas Jacobs Nicotiana Conservative
Sir Greg Watts Redmond Speaker (prev. Cons.)
Logan Perry-Ardens Smithfield Liberal