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Coat of arms containing shield and crown in centre, flanked by lion and unicorn
Royal arms
Baustralia (orthographic projection).svg
and largest city
Cascadia, Holderton
Official languages English
Recognised national languages Baustralian
Recognised regional languages Latin, Japanese, French
Religion Christianity
Demonym Baustralian
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
John I
The Duke of Cascadia
Legislature Parliament
House of Lords
House of Commons
Independence from Canada
• Declaration of Independence
20 June 2017
• Current constitution
2 July 2017
• Total
2 km2 (0.77 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
• Density
20.5/km2 (53.1/sq mi)
GDP (nominal) 2018 estimate
• Total
ᛒ48·02 BAB
• Per capita
ᛒ0·92 BAB
MPI 4.375
Currency Baustralian Boerc (BAB; ᛒ)
Time zone EST, CST (UTC-5, -4)
• Summer (DST)
EDT, CDT (UTC-4, -3)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy; AD
Drives on the right
Calling code +1
Patron saint St. George
RIS 002 code BA

Baustralia (/bəˈstrliə, ɒ-/ (About this sound (listen))) is a landlocked nation with minor creeks running through which account for 7% of its superficial area. It claims sovereignty over land claims in Canada and minor claims in the United States. It is the head of the Baustralian Empire, governing over three states claimed as a result of the Baustralian Conquest.



The name of Baustralia came about when John I and His Grace John Timpson, Duke of Cascadia was imagining a country of naval prowess and was similar to Australia in topography and climate. Due to these similarities, a 'B' was added

Formation, and the three Kingdoms of Baustralia

Baustralia was founded on 20 June 2017, and saw the agreement of the Constitution of Baustralia and the signing into law of a Bill of Rights and the Justice and Law Act 2017.

The first kingdom happened when John I was researching countries, and the roles of the monarchy. He then stumbled across the principality of Sealand, and decided to create his own micronation. After a lot of research, he implemented an absolute monarchy, and based it off of the island nation of naval prowess.

When the crown had decided to switch from absolute to constitutional, it decided that this was necessary to separate the absolute and the colonial-like and constitutional monarchies as an interim period.

Also, Cold Creek, the province that contains the capital had a separatist movement that sparked a battle, and was settled in a treaty to allow separation, in the best interests of the Baustralians. This referendum caused the capital to move from Cold Creek to Cascadia. Due to there only being 8 citizens at the time, the only politically knowledgeable person was appointed prime minister, John Timpson.

Then, during the interim, the king and the prime minister started work on the constitution, as well as the Bill of Rights and Justice Act. When it was drafted and approved by parliament, the third kingdom of Baustralia was founded.

Using a loophole the crown had found in the constitution, a bill was created, passed by solely the Prime Minister, royally assented, merging the three kingdoms into one political entity, the modern Baustralia.

Baustralian Conquest

Multiple wars were started by countries trying to fight with Baustralia, the Kingdom usally won these battles and annexed their land, or attempted to add them to the Baustralian Commonwealth, now Baustralian Empire.

The country annexed 6 hectare of land from Canada, and 1 hectare of a forest on Norfolk Island on the 3rd of July, then annexed 9 hectare from Canada to create two federal districts: Holderton County (6 hectare), and HM's District (3 hectare). At 23:45 EDT, a treaty to annex Flavora was signed, and turned into Flavora (14 hectares). More annexing happened, after hiring some persons to become ministers of the government, which required he annex them into Baustralia so they become citizens. This caused a huge area boost from around 30 hectares to about 80 hectares, an area boost of 167%.

The battle of Tentacion Creek was the only loss of the Baustralian Conquest, as they had failed to keep them as a province, and ended up as their own state, but later joined the Empire.

Government and politics

The government is split into two houses of Parliament, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The upper house consists of the speaker, and all peers of Baustralia. The lower house consists of the Cabinet Ministers and a speaker. Sometimes, the prime minister will join as Member of Parliament for Holderton.

Law and order

Until the third Kingdom was established, all citizens are subject to Canadian law, except for the citizens of the hectare of land in Norfolk Island, who are subject to local Norfolk Island law. A constitution is implemented, and states rights, law, and the constitution. The Crown-Related Crime Act that was put in place in the absolute monarcy still stands and states that all crimes against the crown are classified as treason and may be dealt with by His Majesty. Two cases of treason was committed, then dealt with. In August, His Majesty John I was discussing a deal with the queen of Flavora, when the queen of Edstmae commenced to listen. H.M. John I quicky arrested her, and removed her from the royal family, and sentenced her to one hour without slime, see R. v. Katelynn of Wabasso. In September, the then-premier of Trenton tried to rebel, but didnt have enough support for the government of Baustralia to allow a seperation. She was stripped of her political status, and fined CA$2. Once again, Katelynn Caravaggio committed treason against the crown and was sentenced 8 hours with out slime.

National symbols

National Arms

The original coat of arms.

The absolute monarchy had passed two symbols to be used. The first being the flag, which is still used today. The second is the original coat of arms. Before the constitution was put into order, the monarch had also designed a new coat of arms.

Great Seal

After the Baustralian government was formed, the government designed a seal to be used with letters-patent and letters-close. It has been designed though not manufactured.

Foreign relations

Baustralia has very few diplomatic ties to other micronations. It used to a member state of the Economic Union of States, among 5 other states, before quitting due to the satrical, and false information said by members, and head of the union. It used the head of the United Micronational Organization in favor of War (UMOW), with one member state, Tentacion, before it was rebranded into the Baustralian Commonwealth, with two member states, the Tentacion, and Wangatangia. The relationship between Edstmae, and Baustralia, was tense at some points, due to the fact that Renessmae of Edstmae was once a princess of Baustralia, due to being John I's sister, before being removed from the family after she spied on a monarchical meeting between John, and the Queen of Flavora. Relations are becoming less tense though, and a deal to release Renessmae's room from the territory, and incorporated into Edstmae was arranged, and decided to take all of Edstmae, and leave her with the room. This territory was re-annexed after Renessmae has dissolved her Kingdom.


The military is operated by the BAF (Baustralian Armed Forces) and contains three branches: H. R. Army, H. R. Air Force, and H. R. Navy. Branches of these branches control borders. with land borders protected by H.R. Land Customs, the airports protected by H.R. Air Customs, and the sea ports, and terminals by H.R. Coast Guard. H.R.N. currently has two commissioned members, two non-commissioned member, and a non-commissioned officer, which all of them are reserve. H.R.A.F has one commissioned officer. H.R.A currently has one commissioned officer and one non-commissioned reserve member. In total, the B.A.F. has 4 commissioned officer, and 3 non-commissioned members, which then totals 7 personnell. The military may also be aided by the Canadian Armed Forces, the Mil. U.S., and the A.D.F..

His Royal Navy

His Royal Navy has one ship. HMS Promise which is the predecessor of His Royal Navy Reserve Ship Baustralia.

Command is done through the Admiralty board, and issues orders through the Admiralty Orders. The Admiralty is a board which consists of the Lord High Admiral, First, Second, and Third Sea Lords, and the Wangatang and Baustralian Fleet Commanders.

Geography and Climate

Canadian Baustralia

The territory is mainly flat, sitting in the St Lawrence Lowlands. Comprised of two districts, and two provinces, with a total area of 37 hectares (~0.15 sq. mi.).



Before the 1st KIT

After the separation of Cold Creek, the only territory that remained was Mild Pond, then the house of His Majesty was claimed to become His Majesty's District. The Prime Minister then offered his house which became Holderton County. Then the area behind HM's District, which at the time was a creek with a forest, so it was named Forest Creek, and to even out the area, a 1 ha area from Norfolk Island was annexed. The latest territory was annexed when Flavora was ceded to Baustralia.

During the 1st KIT

During this transition period, HM annexed a 0.11 hectare island to become Landspotter, a 0.4 hectare plot of land owned by the Minister of Foreign Affairs to become Wooler, a 0.27 ha area of land owned by the Min. of Nat. Defence to become Greystone Cnty, and a 0.01 ha house, a 0.05 ha house in Quinte West called O'Niel, and a 0.02 ha house in New Braunfels, TX, USA to become New Texas, adding a total of 0.81 hectares of land to Baustralia, when a 3 m2 room was combined with Flavora to create the Shared Territory of Independent Flavora and Baustralia in exchange for a larger room in Ind. Flavora, which measures 0.03 hectares. The ex-Minister of Revenue had also given her territory to become Trenton.


Road System

The road system in the Kingdom consists of a primary road system – The Baustralian Road – a secondary road system – The Provincial Road – and a tertiary road system for municipal highways, and county roads. Primary, secondary, and tertiary roads are maintained by the Baustralian Ministry of Routes (MOR), while the quaternary roads – other road systems – are maintained by their towns, or if the town requests, the MOR may maintain them.


The air travel system is also maintained by the Ministry of Routes. The only airport is Wabasso National Airport, which is serviced by the flag carrier, Bausair. The W.N.A. is also the home of His Royal Air Force 1 Squadron. Another airport, St. George's Airfield, is home to 2 Squadron.


Water travel is also maintained by the Ministry of Routes, or the Baustralian Armed Forces. There is only one public seaport, connecting Canada and Landspotter. This seaport runs ferrys, and two naval ships, HMS Flavora, and HMS Landspotter.


Areospatial travel is maintained by the Ministry of Areospatial Exploration. The ministry has no commissioned spacecraft.


The kingdom has no major industries other then some minor electronics exports from HM. The currency is a beorc, currently set at the price of silver per gram.

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