HMS Promise (S5)

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A Contessa 26. The same ship as the Promise.
NameHMS Promise
Commissioned28 January 2018
General characteristics
Class and typePromise-class patrol gunter

HMS Promise is the lead ship of the Promise class. It is the largest ship in His Royal Navy, the most senior ship, and the oldest ship still in service. It was commissioned into HRN at the same time as HMS Champion (Y9). The two ships are the the oldest sea-going ships, beaten out only by former stone frigate, HRNRS Baustralia, later reused as HMS Concord.

The ship, a Contessa 26, owned by the Timpson family, was offered into service by then-Lord High Admiral, Lord John Timpson, then-Duke of Cascadia. At the same time, Jacob Mayjames, now Viscount Englewood, offered HMS Champion (Y9) into service, owned by his family. Both ships were registered as patrol vessels.

For a day on 30 May 2019, Promise bore the prefix of His Majesty's Yacht (HMY), and the ship's badge bore the royal crown on a sailing outing with King John, the current Duke of Cascadia, Lord John Timpson's father, Lord John, and Captain Lady Kaylyn Smith. Modern designs of this badge uses the modern crown of Baustralia, and not the Tudor crown, so as to avoid confusion with badges of the United Kingdom's Royal Navy ships.

First HMS Promise (S5) Succeeded by
HMS Trent (S2)