His Royal Navy

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His Royal Navy
  • Sa Marine Royale (fr)
  • Eius Regis Classem (la)
Badge of His Royal Navy.svg
Badge of His Royal Navy
Founded 2 July 2017
Country  Baustralia
Allegiance Royal Standard of Baustralia.svg John I
Type Navy
(Latin: For Country)
March Heart of Oak
Mascot CPO2 Bailey
Website baf.kingdomofbaustralia.com/navy
Lord High Admiral Royal Standard of Baustralia.svg John I
First Sea Lord Admiral Sir John Timpson KG OBE
Naval Ensigns Naval Ensign of Baustralia.svg
War Flag Flag of Baustralia-Emergency-N.svg
Pennants Pennant of His Royal Navy.svg
Pennant of His Royal Navy's Wangatang Fleet.svg

His Royal Navy is the naval warfare branch of the Baustralian Armed Forces, responsible for the protection of the waters and for transporting planes and army corps through water. It was formed on 2 July 2017 by John I with Sir John Timpson named the Lord High Admiral. December that year, the Admiralty was dissolved in favor of one commander. Timpson was named Commander His Royal Navy.

In February 2018, the Admiralty was reformed by the Crown, and John was self-appointed as Lord High Admiral. Timpson was named Commander His Majesty's Fleet Baustralian, giving him similar duties as Commander His Royal Navy. He was also named First Sea Lord.

In March 2018, an offer was given to Wangatangia to have the Baustralian Armed Forces parent the Wangatang Task Force, effectively forming the Wangatang Fleet division.


The HRN is the most prominent force by strength, and by usage in the Baustralian Conquest. The militia that formed the Baustralian Armed Forces – and subsequently, His Royal Navy – paraded as a naval militia by the order of the Crown.


The HRN is commanded titularly by the Lord High Admiral – a position held by the Commander in Chief, John I – and professionally by the First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff – a position held by Admiral Sir John Timpson.

Naval senior appointments are

Pre-nominal Rank Name Post nominal Position
His Majesty Admiral of the Fleet John I Lord High Admiral and Commander-in-Chief
His Grace the Right Honourable Doctor Admiral Sir John Timpson KG GBE First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff, HMF Baustralia Commander



NATO equiv. code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student officer
Baustralia-Navy-O10-collected.svg Baustralia-Navy-O9-collected.svg Baustralia-Navy-O8-collected.svg Baustralia-Navy-O7-collected.svg Baustralia-Navy-O6-collected.svg Generic-navy-OF5.svg Generic-navy-OF4.svg Generic-navy-OF3.svg Generic-navy-O2.svg Generic-navy-O1B.svg Generic-Navy-O1.svg Baustralia-Navy-OF(D).svg No equivalent
Admiral of the Fleet Admiral Vice admiral Rear admiral Commodore Captain Commander Lieutenant commander Lieutenant Sub-lieutenant Acting sub-lieutenant Cadet
NATO equiv. Code OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1
Baustralian HRN OR-9a.svg Baustralian HRN OR-8.svg Baustralian HRN OR-7.svg Baustralian HRN OR-6.svg Baustralian HRN OR-5.svg Baustralian HRN OR-4.svg Baustralian HRN OR-3.svg Baustralian HRN OR-2.svg
Chief petty officer, 1st class Chief petty officer, 2nd class Petty officer, 1st class Petty officer, 2nd class Master seaman Leading seaman Able bodied seaman Ordinary seaman


Bailey in Ceremonial Dress

His Royal Navy's mascot is Bailey. Owned by the Princess of Kingston, he is a Chief petty officer, 2nd class (canine), and was stationed to the Baustralian Corps of Canine Handlers before it was put in abeyance. He now belongs to HMS Promise (S5).

Uniforms (No. 1B)