Rear admiral (His Royal Navy)

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Rear admiral
Rear admiral insignia
Command Flag of a Rear Admiral
Country Baustralia
Service branch His Royal Navy
NATO rank codeOF 7
Next higher rankVice admiral
Next lower rankCommodore
Equivalent ranks

A rear admiral is the third-most senior regularly-appointed commissioned officer of the Baustralian Armed Forces, more specifically, His Royal Navy. It outranks a commodore of the navy, a brigadier general of the army and marines, and an air commodore of the air force. Its equivalent is a major general of the marines and army, and an air vice marshal of the air command.

The duties of a rear admiral are to command a personnel branch.


Insignia of a rear admiral on the headdress is a two rows of gold oak leaves on the peak. The cap badge is a generic Baustralian Armed Forces cap badge. Three rows of buttons are worn on the tunic, as well as a thick gold band, and two regular gold bands around the cuff, with the top-most having a curl facing inward.