Admiral (His Royal Navy)

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Admiral insignia
Command Flag of an Admiral
Country Baustralia
Service branch His Royal Navy
NATO rank codeOF 9
Next higher rankAdmiral of the Fleet
Next lower rankVice admiral
Equivalent ranks

An admiral is the most senior regularly-appointed commissioned officer of the Baustralian Armed Forces, more specifically, His Royal Navy. It outranks a vice admiral of the navy, a lieutenant general of the army and marines, and an air marshal of the air force. Its equivalent is a general of the marines and army, and an air chief marshal of the air command.

The active rank of Admiral comes with an appointment as either First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff or Chief of the Defence Staff.


Insignia of an admiral on the headdress is two rows of gold oak leaves on the peak. The cap badge is a generic Baustralian Armed Forces cap badge. Three rows of buttons are worn on the tunic, as well as a thick gold band, and three regular gold bands around the cuff, with the top-most having a curl facing inward.


The only naval officer to hold the rank of Admiral is Lord John Timpson, the only 1SL/CNS of Baustralia.