Brigadier (Baustralian Army)

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Brigadier sleeve insignia
Country Baustralia
Service branch Baustralian Army
NATO rank codeOF 6
Next higher rankMajor general
Next lower rankColonel

A brigadier is the most junior general officer of the Baustralian Army. It outranks a colonel of the army, a captain of the navy, and a group captain of the air force. Its equivalent is a commodore of the navy, and an air commodore of the air force. It is outranked by a major general of the army, a rear admiral of the navy, and an air vice marshal of the air force.


Insignia of a brigadier on the peaked cap is two sprigs of oak on the outward edges of the peak. Four rows of buttons are worn on the tunic. The rank insignia is a “pip”, that is small Order of the Gadus stars, a crown, and a baton and scimitar.