General (Baustralian Army)

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General sleeve insignia
Country Baustralia
Service branch Baustralian Army
NATO rank codeOF 9
Next higher rankField marshal
Next lower rankLieutenant general

A general is a general officer of the Baustralian Army. It outranks a lieutenant general of the army, a vice admiral of the navy, and an air marshal of the air force. Its equivalent is an admiral of the navy, and an air chief marshal of the air force. It is outranked by a field marshal of the army, an admiral of the fleet of the navy, and a marshal of His Royal Air Force.


Insignia of a brigadier on the peaked cap is two sprigs of oak on the outward edges of the peak. Four rows of buttons are worn on the tunic. The rank insignia is four “pips”, that is small Order of the Gadus stars, a crown, and a baton and scimitar.