Baustralian Armed Forces

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Baustralian Armed Forces
Emblem of the BAF.svg
Emblem of the Baustralian Armed Forces
Flag of the Baustralian Armed Forces.svg
Flag of the Baustralian Armed Forces
MottoIN OMNIA PARATVS (Latin: Prepared for all things)
Founded2 July 2017
Service branches
HeadquartersConcord, Baustralia
Commander-in-ChiefRoyal Standard of Baustralia.svg John I
Chief of the Defence StaffBaustralia HRAF OF-9 (infobox).svg General Lord of Carleton
Military age12-55
Active personnel25
Reserve personnel3
Budget0 USD
Percent of GDP7.2%
Domestic suppliersDossier Group Military Division
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HistoryBaustralian War
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RanksHRN officer rank insignia
HRN ratings rank insignia

The Baustralian Armed Forces (BAF; French: Forces armées baustraliennes, FAB), or Baustralian Forces (BF) (French: Forces baustraliennes, FB), are the unified armed forces of Baustralia.

This institution comprises of sea, land, air, elements referred as His Royal Navy (HRN), Baustralian Army (BA), and His Royal Air Force (HRAF), respectively. Personnel may belong to the Reserve force or the Regular force.

The titular head of the BAF is the Commander-in-Chief, His Majesty Admiral of the Fleet John I. The professional head of the Baustralian Armed Forces is the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Caleb Arthur.


The Baustralian Armed Forces was founded 20 June 2017 by John I to defend him and his kingdom. By international law, it is considered a militia, as it is not legally adopted by the government, though plans are in place to draft an armed forces bill to adopt it.

Baustralian Conquest

The military played the most important role as sole belligerent in the Baustralian Conquest. Known as the Baustralian Conquest due to its attempts to take Edstmae, close kingdoms declared war on Baustralia. Due to the strong nature, in comparison, the BAF was able to end threats by these kingdoms easily.

Current structure

Lord Carleton, Chief of the Defence Staff, and John I, Commander-in-Chief

The BAF is commanded by the sovereign and head of state, John I as Commander-in-Chief, who gives commands to the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Lord Carleton, who will act upon, or broadcast these commands. The CDS also has the authority to give key commands. John, however, remains the ultimate authority of the military, with officers and personnel swearing allegiance to himself.

The CDS is the professional head of the armed forces, the Defence Board, and is an appointment that can be held by an Admiral, or a General. Before the practice was discontinued in August 2018, those who were appointed to the position of CDRBAF, now CDS, had been elevated to the most senior rank, a five-fish rank, in their respective service, Admiral of the Fleet, Field Marshal, or Marshal of His Royal Air Force.

His Royal Navy

His Royal Navy's titular head is the Lord High Admiral, sovereign, and head of state, John I. The navy's professional head is the First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral John Timpson. The Admiralty Board and Naval Board are the central commands of the navy.

Baustralian Army

The Baustralian Army's titular head is the sovereign, and head of state, John I. The army's professional head is the Chief of the General Staff, General Geoff Audas. The Army Board is the central command of the army.

His Royal Air Force

His Royal Air Force's titular head is the sovereign, and head of state, John I. The air force's professional head is the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Julian Kostuik. The Air Board is the central command of the air force.

Order of precedence


Lined up in seniority from left to right, are the colours used by all units of the Baustralian Armed Forces.

Colour of His Royal Navy.svg Colour of the King's Grenadiers.svg Colour of the Royal Rifles.svg Colour of the Royal Baustralian Regiment.svg Colour of His Royal Air Force.svg



The Baustralian Armed Forces wear uniforms based on the Canadian Distinctive Environmental Uniforms, as well as the United Kingdom's uniforms, both current and former. The navy wears a double breasted jacket, with gold sleeve lace, and gold insignia for NCMs, and in some uniforms, shoulder boards. They, unlike the other service branches, wear NCM insignia on the left sleeve only. The army doesn't wear sleeve lace but rather shoulder boards for officers, and standard gold insignia for NCMs.

Standard headdress includes forage caps for ceremonial dress, Bicorns and bearskin caps are used for the naval and army full dress. In service dress, naval members may wear a forage cap, army members may wear a beret. These can be substituted for berets, or forage caps, should an event be multi-service.


The Baustralian Armed Forces accept recruits from the Baustralian Empire. The reservist section of the BAF is reserved for honourary members, and the Captain of His Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

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