Private (Baustralian Army)

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Shoulder board of a private
Country Baustralia
Service branch Baustralian Army
NATO rank codeOR-1, OR-2
Next higher rankLance corporal
Equivalent ranksBaustralia Ordinary seaman
Baustralia Aircraftman/Aircraftwoman

A private is the most junior rank of the Baustralian Army. Its equivalent is an ordinary seaman of the navy, and an aircraftman or aircraftwoman of the air force. It is outranked by a lance corporal of the army, an able-bodied seaman of the navy, and a leading aircraftman or aircraftwoman of the air force.

A Baustralian private wears no rank insignia, and generally wears the unembellished uniform of their regiment. Privates may hold a different rank title if their regiment uses 'distictions,' such as a private of a guards regiment being titled Guardsman, or of a rifle regiment being titled Rifleman.

Distinctive equivalents for private include: