Warrant officer (Baustralian Armed Forces)

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Warrant officer
Warrant officer sleeve insignia
(Left to right: Navy, Army)
Country Baustralia
Service branch His Royal Navy
 Baustralian Army
NATO rank codeOR-9
Next higher rankCadet
Next lower rankChief petty officer

Staff sergeant

Flight sergeant

A Warrant officer is the most senior non-commissioned officer of the Baustralian Armed Forces. The same rank in all three services, they are considered officers, however, are appointed by a warrant and not by a commission.

The duties of a WO is to provide discipline and parentship to their subordinates, as well as being the senior drill instructor for the ship, unit, or squadron. They are also personal drill instructors to cadets and midshipmen. Naval warrant officers usually coxswains a ship, or deputy coxswains a ship. They also command the fighting arms for the navy. In the army, they act as regimental sergeant majors and company sergeant majors.


The rank insignia of a WO is the simplified coat of arms of Baustralia.[1] The naval cap badge of a WO is an anchor encircled, with a break in the circle for a crown.[2]

Cap badge


Base chief petty officer

A BCPO is a WO in charge of a base, personnel branch, or a division. They are referred to as their command followed by 'chief petty officer', i.e. or branch chief petty officer.

Fleet chief petty officer

A Fleet chief petty officer is a CPO1 in charge of command, fleet, or service. They are referred to as their command, followed by 'chief petty officer', or 'chief petty officer of' followed by their command, i.e. Special operations command chief petty officer, or Fleet chief petty officer.


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