Commander-in-Chief (Baustralia)

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Commander-in-Chief Baustralian Armed Forces
Commandant en chef Forces armées baustraliennes
Cap badge of the Baustralian Armed Forces

since 2 July 2017
His Majesty's Baustralian Armed Forces
Formation2 July 2017
First holderJohn
DeputyChief of the Defence Staff

The Commander-in-Chief Baustralian Armed Forces (CINC; French: Commandant en chef des Forces armées baustraliennes) is the supreme commander of the Baustralian Armed Forces. Command-in-chief is, by custom, vested in the sovereign, presently John. By military protocol, the title used in international contexts is Commander-in-Chief of Baustralia.

The role of a Commander-in-Chief is to sign commissioning scrolls, bestows honours, approves military badges and insignia, as well as visits with troops, and as a naval officer, sometimes stations himself on ships. The Commander-in-chief may also award the Commander-in-Chief's Commendation.

Rank insignia

NATO Code OF-10
Admiral of the Fleet
Field Marshal

The rank insignia of a Commander in Chief is of an Admiral of the Fleet and its equivalents in the army, Field Marshal.

Commanders-in-chief of the Baustralian Armed Forces

Year Sovereign
Baustralian Armed Forces Commanders-in-Chief
2017 – John

Order of precedence

Defence Council
First Commander-in-Chief Succeeded by
Chief of the Defence Staff
First Lord High Admiral Succeeded by
First Sea Lord