Royal Rifles

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Royal Rifles
BAF 201 - Cap Badge (Royal Rifles).svg
Cap badge of The Royal Rifles
Active 2020 - present
Country  Baustralia
Allegiance Royal Standard of Baustralia.svg John I
Branch  Baustralian Army
  • Colonels: 1
  • Majors: 1
  • Lieutenant: 1
  • Cadets: 1
  • Warrant officers: 1
  • Serjeants: 1
  • Corporals: 1
  • Lance corporals: 1
  • Riflemen: 4
Total: 12
Part of 1st Infantry Division
Garrison/HQ Smithfield, Holderton
Motto French: Honi soit qui mal y pense
"May he be shamed who thinks badly of it"
March Quick: The British Grenadiers
Slow: Scipio
Colonel in Chief HM the King
Commanding officer Col. Samuel Short
Deputy commanding officer Maj. Cooper Babin
Regimental Sergeant Major W.O. Hilton Dawson
Shoulder patch Shoulder patch of the Royal Rifles.svg
Camp flag Camp flag of the Royal Rifles.svg
Abbreviation RR
Colour Colour of the Royal Rifles.svg

The Royal Rifles (RR) is the second-most senior regiment of the Baustralian Army. It is a rifle regiment, and the 2nd Baustralian infantry regiment. Formed in 2020, it fell under command of Colonel Samuel Short, a friend of King John I.

Battle honours

Civil War 2020

Commanding officers

  • Colonel Sam Short
Preceded by
King's Grenadiers
King's Grenadiers Succeeded by
Royal Baustralian Regiment