Jacobean era (Baustralia)

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Jacobean era
20 June 2017 – present
the Baustralian Conquest
the Baustralian Civil War

The Jacobean era is the period within Baustralian history, coinciding with the reign of John, and includes the founding of the kingdom, its constitutionalizing, and the Baustralian Conquest.


On 20 June 2017, Baustralia was formed by John, naming himself Jacob I. From this time, John Timpson acted as his regent. This was a simple absolute monarchy and consisted of his and Timpson's house. Later, a 19-acre property was claimed and brought opposition from the property owner's son. They then revolted and started the Battle of Tentacion Creek. Fighting this was the Baustralian militia, a naval paramilitary organized by the King.

Lord John Timpson

Upon its declaration of independence, the capital had to be moved to Cascadia, now located in Holderton. This also allowed a group of politicians, led by Timpson, to persuade the King into forming a Parliament and changing the government into a constitutional monarchy. Timpson was appointed Prime Minister, and then elected in 2018.

Baustralia and Tentacion, the two micronations in the area caused some people to become micronationalists, who then wanted a piece of Baustralia. This led to many battles, known colloquially as the Baustralian Conquest. Much later, two naval officers made a hoax about a communist party looking to poison the monarch, then take the throne, and henceforth the land. This ended up being a distraction for the Rmhoanian referendum.

Also, a series of conflicts have happened involving John and Aidan I. Two dominions were given to Baustralia by Aidan. The Fox Islands as a gift, and Kapreburg as part of a plan to cause a battle or conflicts between himself or someone else. A notable example of this is the 2019 Kapresh constitutional crisis, where McGrath, as acting President gave all the land to Baustralia. This was done to cause tension between John and Jack Morris, the elected President.

Sir Nick Sullivan

After the election of Nick Sullivan, inactive Members of Parliament were removed, Aidan McGrath was given Persona Non Grata status, and all Paloman citizens were given the option to give up either their Baustralian or Paloman citizenship. One stayed, and two left. In addition, a rebellion rose in Parliament against the monarchy with the intent to take over the throne. Such members were tried, removed, and discharged from the Baustralian Armed Forces. In a counter from the rebellion, John was tried for high treason and criminal mischief, but the case was dropped after quoting Charles I of England to every question, "Under what authority does this court have to try me?" He also dissolved Parliament for a day to reform it to prevent another uprising, loosely quoting Charles II of England, saying "Can one here even think without such horror? The whole world knows that we are in the midst of civil war, and with many of my members in the rebellion, this won't work. I declare Parliament dissolved so that I can reform it in a manner without rebellion."

Lady Ella Parker

Lady Ella Parker was elected on 27 June 2021, being the first Prime Minister to be elected late. This was due to no campaigns prepared in time for election, thus it was pushed a week. Her premiership was relatively uneventful, but saw the explosive expansion of the Baustralian Highway System, provided assistance in the Kapresh Civil and Midlothian Wars, and the enactment of the controversial Political Activities Act.

Sir Charles Burgardt

Sir Charles Burgardt was elected on 1 July 2022, being the first Prime Minister to be elected through a coalition, in this case, the Liberal and Libertarian Parties. He too was elected late, also due to no campaigns prepared in time for election, thus it was pushed a week, though this time twice. His premiership saw the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and is characterized by being on the edge of majority in Parliament with the assistance of the coalition. He is the incumbent Prime Minister. Middle of October 2022, his confidence in Parliament was challenged by the Conservative Party, but he was victorious in the motion of no confidence and remained Prime Minister. After a new municipality was formed, the balance of power shifted to the conservatives and the ministry thus resigned.

Aidan McGrath

Two correct versions of the flag of Baustralia, the latter in current use by the Government

While having a relatively normal first premiership, his second has proved already more impactful. After loosening colour restrictions on the flag of Baustralia, the government published a new drawing of the fish. While the old flags are still considered correct, McGrath is privately purchasing two at his own expense for governmental use.

In addition, amongst various departments of the Royal Household (i.e. privy council, College of Arms, etc.), a new design of arms for Baustralia was tabled. It features quarters of the counties of Baustralia, rather than the colonies, and was unanimously supported by the Household, including the King, who designed the compartment. It received royal assent through Parliament.



Executive Judicial Defence
Military Navy Army Air Force
Date Prime Minister Date Supreme Judge Date Chief of the Defence Staff Date First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff Date Chief of the General Staff Date Chief of the Air Staff
2 Jul. 2017 22 Sep. 2019 1. Lord John Timpson 3 Nov. 2017 27 Dec. 2020 1. Lord Jenkinson of Worthing 25 Oct. 2018 1 Jan. 2022 1. Lord Smithfield 25 Oct. 2018 1 Jan. 2022 1. Lord John Timpson 25 Oct. 2018 4 Sept. 2019 1. Lady Emily Day 25 Oct. 2018 20 Feb. 2020 1. Lord Smithfield
22 Sep. 2019 7 Oct. 2019 2. Aidan McGrath 27 Dec. 2020 1 Jul. 2022 2. Sir Charles Burgardt 1 Jan. 2022 2. Lord Wooler 9 May 2021 24 Oct. 2022 2. Sir Nick Sullivan 27 Dec. 2020 1 Jul. 2022 2. Lord Greystone 20 Feb. 2020 25 Jan. 2022 2. Lord Concord
7 Oct. 2019 6 Apr. 2020 Lord John Timpson 1 Jul. 2022 Lord Englewood 1 Jan. 2022 3. Lord Mayjames 1 Jan. 2022 24 Oct. 2022 3. Sir Greg Watts 25 Jan. 2022 9 Feb. 2022 Sir Kaden Wright
6 Apr. 2020 27 Jun. 2021 3. Sir Nick Sullivan 24 Oct. 2022 Lady Emily Day
27 Jun. 2021 1 Jul. 2022 4. Lady Ella Parker
1 Jul. 2022 12 Dec. 2022 5. Sir Charles Burgardt
12 Dec. 2022 1 Nov. 2023 6. Sir Oliver Doig
1 Nov. 2023 23 Nov. 2023 Aidan McGrath
23 Nov. 2023 28 Nov. 2023 The Duke of Wells
28 Nov. 2023 Sir Oliver Doig