King's Grenadiers

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King's Grenadiers
Cap badge of the King's Grenadiers.svg
Cap badge of The King's Grenadiers
Active 2017 - present
Country  Baustralia
Allegiance Royal Standard of Baustralia.svg John I
Branch  Baustralian Army
Type Foot Guard
Role Light Infantry
Size 1 platoon
Garrison/HQ Concord, Baustralia
Motto French: Honi soit qui mal y pense
"May he be shamed who thinks badly of it"
March Quick: The British Grenadiers
Slow: Scipio
Battle honours
  • Kingston, 2017
  • Cornwall, 2017
Colonel in Chief HM the King
Commanding Officer Colonel G. Audas
Shoulder patch Shoulder patch of the 1 Regt.svg
Camp flag Camp flag of the 1 Regt.svg
Abbreviation KING GREN
Colour Colour of the 1 Regt.svg

The King's Grenadiers (KING GREN; French: Grenadiers du Roi) is the most senior regiment of the Baustralian Army, and is one of the three infantry regiments. It is responsible for the safeguarding and protection of the the Sovereign and the Kingdom, and as a first regiment for new recruits. It has fought in the Baustralian Conquest in the battles of Tentacion Creek at Kingston against Tentacion, and at Cornwall against Blairtopia.

It is modeled after the Grenadier Guards of the United Kingdom, and the Canadian Grenadier Guards of Canada. They wear the traditional red coat full dress uniform, a standard green ceremonial dress, and a similar cap badge to the Grenadier Guards. They also share the same regimental marches, both in quick time – The British Grenadiers – and in slow time – Scipio.


This one-battalion regiment consists of a platoon of men, commanded by a master warrant officer and a corporal.

Commanding officers

  • Colonel Geoff Audas
  • Colonel Emily Day
Preceded by
HMS Concord
King's Grenadiers Succeeded by
Royal Rifles