Vladimir Baruh

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Chief Field Marshal
Vladimir Baruh
Premier of the Empire of New Germany
In office
13 January 2020 – 1 March 2021
Succeeded byJac ò rov Baruh
President of the Empire of New Germany
Assumed office
March 1, 2021 - present
Personal details
Born7 October 2006 (2006-10-07) (age 17)
Evanston, Illinois
CitizenshipWeimarian, American, Kapresh
Political partyAnarcho Primitivist
ResidencesBobbygrad, New Germany
ProfessionCooking, building

Vladimir Baruh is the Kaiser of the Confederation of Weimar.

Personal life

In the early years of Vladimir's life, he played with green army men, which he had great battles with. Soon he made Bobby land which was originally a joke because he liked to nap on the bus to the community center. When he heard of Wegmat he was sceptical but soon he was hooked and puts in most of his free time working on it. On January 13 he made the Empire of New Germany, pronouncing himself kaiser of the Empire of New Germany and Bobbygrad his empire. He declared war on the kingdom of Wegmat the same day after launching Operation Dummy Thicc.


Vladimir Baruh enjoys hiking around his local woods and any other woods he comes across. he also enjoys playing Airsoft with his friends. he also is a avid Urban Explorer. he also dose Wrestling and cross country for his local high school.

Political career

During his time in Wegmat He served as the Minister of Defence till his diffection in 2020. he also attempted to run for Prime Minister however settled for a seat in Parliment instead. He is also responsible for the biggest voter fraud scandal in Weg History. As the head of state of New Germany he changed titles many times but never was elected to any office in New Germany.

Military career


NWR Conflict

Vladimir Baruh's Micronational Military career started in late 2019 when he joined Wegmat. he started out as a enlisted man in the Wegmat Marines but the Weg Ministry of Defense saw value in him. in September 2019 he was promoted to Head of the Wegmat Marines just a month before the break out of the NWR Conflict. At this time the Wegmat Marines were highly disorganized and Vladimir wanted to change that, he drafted some of the first uniform ideas and also got a military contract with Bobby Inc.. at the outbreak of the NWR Conflict Vladimir along with Cole Baird and New Macedonia troops entered Bobbygrad where New Wegmat Republic (NWR) rebels were hiding. he commanded the contingent of troops to victory on September 9 which marked the first of his many victories. he would command troops on the ground in Bobbygrad as well as negotiating with Rebels. his second victory came in October when he won the controversial 2nd battle of Bobbygrad. on November 4 he was the sole Weg Peace talker at the signing of the Three Shots Treaty, named for the lack of physical signing but rather a shot from a 1911 airsoft pistol. at the end of the War he was elected as the Minister of Defense of Wegmat. he later on January 13 2020 resigned from all his Weg Offices and defected to and the Empire of New Germany.

New Germany

Weg-New German War

after defecting from Wegmat Vladimir founded Empire of New Germany declaring himself Kiaser. He formed the New German Heer the same day of his defection. he launched Operation Dummy Thicc which changed Micronationalism in the Des Plaines Valley Sector, and arguably started the New German-Weg Cold War. during the Weg-New German War Vladimir and Sakaive launched an offensive into the Priory Grasslands which gained ground all the way to Division ave. where the New German Army entered a stalemate with Wegmat. at that point he ordered patrols into the occupied area until the end of the war. at the end of the war he signed the Treaty of Roosevelt which many New Germans compared to the Treaty of Versailles as it was a raw deal but Vladimir saw nothing else to do.

Isolation Period

after the Weg-New German War New Germany entered a state of planing as New Germany was still bitter from there perceived defeat against Wegmat. at this time Vladimir also launched Operation Early Bird; the extermination of Robins. it's estimated that 4 were shot and 2 bled to death as a result of being hunted. there was also mass planning for a invasion Bobbygrad, trenches were dug and a fort was constructed. along with this in Westerwald a trench system was also dug due to a closer proximity to the Weg Border. there were small scale operations but nothing major happened.

Reunification and Great Des Plaines Valley War

Vladimir Baruh talking with a soldier.

the New Germany Reunification with Wegmat created a larger sense of humiliation which even Vladimir felt and things came to a boiling point when the Great Des Plaines Valley War


Allegiance Branch Service years Rank Unit Number
 Wegmat Wegmat Marines 2018 – January 13, 2020 Head of The Marines 1st Infantry Division n/a
Empire of New Germany New German Heer, New German Kriegsmarine, and New German Luftwaffe 2020 – present Chief Field Marshal 1st Border Guard Division 001
 Baustralia  Baustralian Army 2022 – present Captain Parker Regiment 65974
 Kapreburg  Kapresh Royal Army January 2022 – present Sergeant Major Royal Kenton Rifles N/A


due to Vladimir's long carer he has earned numerus awards

  • November 4, 2019: was awarded the Bobbygrad libation medal.
  • Summer of 2020: was awarded the beaver island libation/service medal
  • January 16, 2020: was awarded the Order of The Iron Cross 1st class for bravery in battle.
  • January 25, 2020: was awarded the Infantry Assault Badge bronze for taking part in 7 combat operations.
  • February 9, 2020: was awarded the marksmanship badge for outstanding performance of marksmanship.
  • February 9, 2020: was awarded the Imperial Wound Badge 3rd class for receiving minor injuries in the line of service.
  • August 13, 2020: was awarded the new German long service ribbon with a silver cross divise.
  • September 9, 2020: post combatantly awarded the iron cross, second class, for taking part in the very first invasion of Wegmat.
  • September 10, 2020: was awarded the Weg War victory medal for being the main combatant and serving in more than 4 battles.
  • August 2021: was awarded the GDPV War Victory medal for his service during the conflict