Vladimir Baruh

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Vladimir Baruh
Premier of the Empire of New Germany
In office
January 13 2020 - march 1 2021
Predecessor Office established
Successor Jac ò rov Baruh
In office
March 1 2021- present
Predecessor Office established
Successor none
Personal information
Born 7 October 2006 (2006-10-07) (age 14)
Evanston, Illinois
Citizenship New German, American
Ethnicity Polish, Italian, Russian, Irish
Residence Bobbygrad, New Germany
Profession cooking, building, exploration, history, archery, marksmanship,

Personal Life

In the early years of Vladimir's life, he played with green army men, which he had great battles with. Soon he made Bobby land which was originally a joke because he liked to nap on the bus to the community center. When he heard of Wegmat he was sceptical but soon he was hooked and puts in most of his free time working on it. On January 13 he made the Empire of New Germany, pronouncing himself kaiser of the Empire of New Germany and Bobbygrad his empire. He declared war on the kingdom of Wegmat the same day after launching Operation Dummy Thicc.

Key Dates

  • On September 9, 2015, Vladimir's mother past away to an unknown disease.
  • Some time in 2016 or 17 creates Baruh woodworking
  • On May 20, 2019, Vladimir was indoctrinated in to Wegmat and was given the position of head of the marines.
  • On October 7 Baruh woodworking turns into Bobby Inc.
  • On October 30 Vladimir Baruh was given the position of head of the Wegmat Armed forces
  • On January 13 Vladimir established the Empire of new Germany
  • On January 16 Vladimir Was awarded the Iron cross 1st class

Other services

Former Wegmat Marine held the rank of head of marines and then minister of defense Currently re-enacting holding the rank of untiroffizer in the 24th grenadiers.

Military Serves

Vladimir Baruh has seen the most combat out of all soldiers and fought in almost every campaign aside from the cringe false flag operations sponsored by him.

Vladimir Baruh talking with a soldier.


  • Summer of 2020: was awarded the beaver island libation/service medal
  • November 4 2019: was awarded the Bobbygrad libation medal.
  • January 16 2020: was awarded the Order of The Iron Cross 1st class for bravery in battle.
  • January 25 2020: was awarded the Infantry Assault Badge bronze for taking part in 7 combat operations.
  • February 9 2020: was awarded the marksmanship badge for outstanding performance of marksmanship.
  • February 9 2020: was awarded the The Imperial Wound badge 3rd class for receiving minor injuries in the line of service.
  • August 13 2020: was awarded the new German long service ribbon with a silver cross divise.
  • September 9 2020: post combatantly awarded the iron cross, second class, for taking part in the very first invasion of Wegmat.
  • September 10 2020: was awarded the Weg War victory medal for being the main combatant and serving in more than 4 battles.