New German Colonial Empire

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The Confederation of Weimar and its commonwealth's have been running an aggressive land grab campaign since the end of the Great Des Plaines Valley War and even before then. since the the founding of New Germany, many in the government wanted to expand the empire. however once the guns fell silent of the Weg-New German War, much of the explored Des Plaines Valley Sector had been carved up by Wegmat and New Macedonia. except for Levare which at this time was half its original size. this didn't satisfy the New German Imperialists as they wanted more. with the onset of Manifest Wegstany the Kaiser wanted to put an end to this northern expansion in what he called The Race North. this culminated in the unnamed territory that would later form the PUCS that October. many New Germany's current territories were also aquired during this time. Because of Weg-New German Reunification much of the claims of New Germany were given away.

after the fall of the Empire of Rodentia, when New Germany pulled out of the war after being given Levare it was offered a gentleman’s agreement that if it invaded the territories of its former allies that it would gain control of those regions. After the war the Kingdom of Ephraim, the Kingdom ofLevare, and the Free Philmont Republic were created. They function as their own state but are still under the umbrella of control from New Germany. In the post war era, a weg backed nation called the United Salado was formed and was, for a time, allowed to prosper uninfringed by New German rule. Also at this time the Chaveleir Republic a pro-New German state broke free from the original Communist rule. Originally a New German colony it broke was de facto independent until it declared independence from New Germany in October of 2020. After the Midlothian War New Germany marched troops into the Rainbowlands covertly and have been the de facto rulers of it until the Robison border dispute when it was officially given to the OGF until its disbandment at which point it was annexed by the Chaviler Republic. In February New German troops have also deployed an occupation force into the United Salado with plans to annex it, citing that it was rightfully a New German commonwealth territory. A gentleman’s agreement to allow the Chaviler Republic become a commonwealth has also been made.

Weimar after the Midlothian War intended to expand its empire. soon after the War the Miller Colony was formed. being the first of many colonies that include: the Rock-cut Colony, the Argonne Colony, the Midewin Colony, the South Desplainesland, and the Jackson-Territory. the Miller Colony however was neglected for a time and it fell into several kingdoms that Weimar are currently at war with. this also led to the War on Piracy which in turn helped Weimar in it's conquest.

on March 20th Army Group Hessnia started an invasion into the United Salado at dusk. though most of the New German Sturm-Grenztruppe dug in the Rail corp saw action as 3 Salado militia members attacked a sentry who began an artillery strike. the lone sentry armed with a bolt action rifle and a bayonet he attacked the unprepared Salado militia and drove them deeper into the wood. in the north a wave of New German Marines from the 1st Guards Marine Division a small fortification was built and no ground has been gained in the north. in the following week the New German 1st Paner Division steam rolled through Salado.

on march 23rd 2023 Vladimir Baruh drafted Executive order 294 that stated that all lands with New German feet on it's soil is New German. the order also stated that the United Salado and the Rainbowlands were New German. however a stall in the New German high commands plan came when the New German-Salado War took longer than expected. the current commander of the 2nd Observation Regiment stated that the invasion of Aenopian Potawatomi had already begun with scouting missions and raids. It has also been predicted that unless Wegmat intervenes, Salado will fall by April 2nd and Aenopian Potawatomi will fall by the end of April if not sooner.

list of Colonies and Territories

New German Colonial terminology

New Germany has several commonwealths, territories, and colonies across 4 States and they function in about the same way. Commonwealths are considered their own Autonomous nations however their respective leaders all report to the Kaiser. Territories are an area of land claimed by the Confederation of Weimar that are considered more or less a full part of New Germany but are far enough away that they would not fall under the jurisdiction of the Grand Duchy. Territories function the same as provinces in the New German Senate. Colonies are New German claims that are either too small or just claimed for strategic purposes. they have no stake in the senate and are governed by the Riechs-Kommandant of a State.


this is a list of most claims of New Germany however there are several that have yet to be officially incorporated.

Flag Name Capital Population Incorporated size

Wüntternia Fort Mckenzie 1 2021 400 acres
Hesshnia Boletvigrad 1 2021 2000 acres
Braidynburg New Hamburg Navel base 3 2021 848 acres

Hanko Region Lojo 2 2022 430.63 acres
Miller Colony Greenburg 23 2021 5 km²
South Desplainesland N/A 8 km² 2021 2.56 Acres
New German Rainbowlands Amolap 4 2022 1.95 km²
Jackson-Territory Willsion 1 2022 16.67 km²
Argonne Colony Kingery 0 2021 10.25 km²

List of foreign nations occupied by New Germany

because of New German Imperialism and war many nations have come under occupation this is a current list of those nations.

Former occupied states

Current Occupied States

Please note that this a list of nations occupied in terms of any amount of land occupied.

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