Empire of Rodentia

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Empire of Rodentia
State Emblem
Coat of arms
Motto: The Sunrise Land
Anthem: House of the Rising Sun
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
• Emperor
Edward Oaches
Establishment17 June 2020
• All citizens are duel-citizens or rodents. census
Time zoneGWT

The Empire of Rodentia, commonly known as Rodentia, was a micronation located in the Des Plaines Valley Sector. It had similarities to neighboring Wegmat as it allows non-humans to become citizens. Rodentia offers citizenship to squirrels and hamsters.


Rodentia was founded as the Republic of Rodentia on 17 June 2020 by Sinlo Campbell. The new Republic formally gave citizenship to all squirrels, mice and chipmunks in the territory. A few hamsters were also given citizenship. Rodentia became a tourist destination for some Weg tourists as a lower road south of Sunrise became heavily used. Rodentia only established 2 cities and was criticized for not incorporating other areas. They were 3 provinces, however. The Republics population mostly stayed in these areas due to food being there. Rodentia has no major historical events as it’s socialist state began transitioning into communism.

Sinlo was removed from power on 5 March 2021 by Edward Oaches and a group of mercenaries, who replaced the republic with an empire and declared martial law.[1] The Empire was often reffered to as fascist as they oppressed the general population and allowed former wealthy Wegs to have as much land as possible and no regulation for their buisness what so ever. After the events of the invasions of L-Day the Chaveleir Union declared war on Rodentia inciting to "free the oppressed of Rodentia". Ponderosa Hills also declared war on Rodentia. Generally more right-wing nation were unofficially supporting Rodentia in the war. Rodentia collapsed and dissolved after the war and became occupied by Weimar

Politics and government

The Empire’s Imperial Congress for Glory and Revolution was the legislature of Rodentia. Although Rodentia used the same constitution the only political party that was in the Congress is the Globalist Party and the Congress was not directly elected and was appointed by the emporer.

The Imperial Emporer and his Glorious and Revolutionary Ideas for a Better World and Empire Under his Watch was the Head of State and Head of Government of Rodentia. The only emporer was Edward Oaches. There was currently no planned election for the Emporer and Edward has stated that he was chosen by Bob to lead the Empire.

Law and order

The Imperial Revolutionary Guard and Protective Service Officers of the Glorious Empire was the police of Rodentia. According to the Weg Foreign Intelligence Agency they may have been Secret police that imprisoned people based on their political beliefs. Any person who is a socialist was usually arrested in Rodentia. There was no court in the Empire anymore, no person was tried for their crimes.

Foreign relations

Rodentia's greatest ally was the Philmont Confederation as both are members of the Urraca Pact. The Urraca Pact was its main source of foreign affairs as Wegmat attempted to cut off any of Rodentia's abilities to establish diplomatic relations.


The Imperial Revolutionary Glorious Beautiful Armed Forces of our Glorious Empire and the Future of its Existence and Expansion was the military of Rodentia. It is split into 3 branches, the Rodentian Imperial Army, the Rodentian Imperial Navy and Rodentian Imperial Air Force. The Rodentian Army was deployed to invade Bobbygrad and Hilda. The Navy was deployed to the Battle of the Bay and the Air Force was used to drop firecrackers on Weg positions during the GDPVW.

Geography and climate

Rodentia lied on a wetland for the majority of its length. Sunrise, the capital and largest city of Rodentia was located on a higher ground grassland. The second-largest city of Silver Port was located in the far south of the Silver River. the third-largest city of True Rainbow was located on the largest prarie in the Des Plaines Valley Sector. The Empire had 3 Provinces of the Silver Province, Lincoln Province and Northern Provinces, 1 territory of Salado and 1 occupied zone of the Rainbowlands

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