Urraca Pact

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Urraca Pact
Flag of the Urraca Pact
FormationMarch 2021
TypeMicronational Pact
PurposeDismantlement of the TOES Sector influenced nations.
Commander of the Joint Forces
General Prima Bull

The Urraca Pact was a micronational pact founded in March 2020 by Rodentia and Philmont which were the only members until independent Democratic New German Republic was admitted, followed by the Empire of Kapreburg. The main goal of the pact was to oppose the TOES Sector especially the Federal Union of Wegmat and the Chaveleir Union. New Germany was kicked out of the Pact in July 2021 after invading land of the Philmont Confederation. Philmont was dissolved in August of 2021 causing Rodentia to announce the dissolution of the Urraca Pact.

Member States

Flag State
Empire of Rodentia
Philmont Confederation
Democratic Weimar Republic
Empire of Kapreburg