Empire of Kapreburg

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Empire of Kapreburg
Motto: "We live in fame, or go down in flame."
Anthem: "God Save the King"
Great Seal of Kapreburg
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesSpanish
  • Kapreburger
  • Kapresh
GovernmentUnitary absolute monarchy
• King
Jackson I
Aidan McGrath
Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed
House of Lords
• Federation
2 January 2018
• Republicanization
22 January 2019
• Imperialization
17 May 2019
• Total
5.75 km2 (2.22 sq mi)
• 2023 estimate
CurrencyKapresh aureus (KAU, au)
Time zoneUTC-6
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy; AD
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
RIS 002 codeKA

The Empire of Kapreburg (/ˈkæp.rə.bərɡ, ˈkæp.ər-/), more often referred to simply as Kapreburg, is a micronation located in the south-western region of the Chicago metropolitan area. Kapreburg was founded on 2 January 2018, as the Federation of Kapreburg. On 22 January 2019, it became a Republic, and on 17 May 2019 the Congress of Kapreburg voted to declare then president Jack Morris, Tsar Jackson I. Kapreburg consists of Charriotsville, it's capital city, 6 nearby colonies, and many other isolated colonies and territories.

Kapreburg is the successor of the former micronations of Protzkya and Zekia. Zekia was founded sometime in 2014, when Jack Morris's brother introduced him to micronationalism. In late 2016 and early 2017, Zekia would enjoy a period of activity, when Morris would introduce his friends to micronationalism. In the late summer of 2017, Zekia was renamed the Protzkyan World Republic. After this, micronationalism would be quickly forgotten by Morris.

Kapreburg is de jure an absolute monarchy, but absolute power is rarely exercised by the monarch, except over trivial issues. Kapreburg has a unicameral legislature, the Parliament, which is composed of the House of Lords. Every September, a Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are elected.


The name Kapreburg has no actual meaning, and was taken from fantasynamegenerators.com. Even though the name is randomly generated, "Kapre" turns out to mean "hijack" in Danish. Literally tranlsated, the name Kapreburg literally means "Hijack castle."



The first micronation that was created by Jack Morris was the Republic of Zekia. According to personal anecdotes from Morris, Zekia could have existed as far back as 2013 or 2014, but remembers it definitely existing by 2015. The oldest known source mentioning Zekia is an HTML file created by Morris, intended to be a government website for Zekia. The file is dated to August 2016. Zekia was founded by Morris after he was inspired to create a micronation by his brother, who founded Riloia. Zekia and Riloia would engage in small conflicts over territory for the next few months after this. Morris recounts there being four battles between the two countries in 2015. In 2016 and 2017, Morris would introduce Zekia to his friends at school and they formed the first government of Zekia. Zekia formally declared independence on 19 February 2017, and on 6 May, the first presidential election was held, with Ahmad Johnson winning. Johnson would resign by September and handed the presidency back to Morris. Morris then renamed Zekia to the Protzkyan World Republic, which was a socialist republic. Shortly after this, Morris forgot about micronationalism and abandoned the idea.

Federation of Kapreburg

On 2 January 2018, Morris would rediscover micronationalism and form the Federation of Kapreburg, a communist federation. He would get to work forming federal republics, which were the subdivisions of the nation. Originally there were 7 federal republics. He would later merge all of the federal republics into one federal republic, named Norticia. Alongside with this he would claim more land, and split this new land into 2 more federal republics, Dottia and Concordia. Morris took after the micronation, Republic of the Golden Coast, which was a micronation who's creation was being documented on YouTube. The Golden Coast joined the Micronational Assembly, and this caused Kapreburg to submit an application for membership, which was accepted. In late 2018, the Federation of Kapreburg and the Catholique Socialist Republic, a fellow micronation in the Micronational Assembly would get in a small conflict over the ownership of Bir Tawil, as they both claimed the territory. A compromise was made, where Kapreburg was given the land of South Fox Island in return for Kapreburg recognizing the C.S.R.'s claim to Bir Tawil. After this conflict the two nations decided to ally, and Morris and Aidan McGrath, who was the president of the C.S.R. at the time, would become close friends. On 23 December 2018, the two nations attempted to perform a denial-of-service attack against Drietsland, which was originally perceived to be successful. The two leaders took to the MicroWiki@Discord server to boast their accomplishment but were met with ridicule. Morris then attempted to access the IP address of Abrams I in an attempt to intimidate him and the rest of the server. Although Morris was successful in finding the IP address of Abrams, the reaction of the server was not of fear, as Morris had hoped. By January 2019, Morris had decided that communism was a bad system of government, and unilaterally declared Kapreburg a republic, therefore ending the Federation.

A screenshot taken by Morris during the Black December Hackings

Republic of Kapreburg

The Republic of Kapreburg was formed on 22 January 2019, after Morris began to move his political beliefs away from leftism. On 8 February 2019, President Morris would carry out a joke in the Kapreburg Discord server, claiming that he was found dead in a horse mask. According to protocol, the Presidency was handed over to then Vice President, Aidan McGrath. Now that McGrath, who was also President of the Republic of Quebec, was in power, he worked a deal with the Kingdom of Baustralia, to occupy Kapreburg. They jointly occupied for 10 days, only pulling out after tense negotiations. This whole situation was referred to as a military operation, with the name La Câlin. In March 2019, Kapreburg and Quebec attempted to start a conflict with Baustralia, by handing over control of Kapreburg to Aidan McGrath, who would in turn offer the land to Baustralia, which was accepted. Baustralia then formed the Dominion of Kapreburg. After an analysis of the constitution by Morris, alongside Abrams I of Ikonia, this was found to be illegal. A cease and desist letter was issued to the Kingdom of Baustralia on 3 April, but to no avail. After negotiations, the Treaty of Charriotsville was signed on 5 April, which promised to grant independence back to Kapreburg once a bill was passed in the Baustralian Parliament to do so. The bill was passed on 25 April, and Kapreburg was granted independence again, with Morris as president. That same day the Concordia Pact was signed between Kapreburg, Quebec, and Ikonia. On 17 May 2019, the Kapresh Congress voted to transition Kapreburg to a monarchy, and Jack Morris was declared Tsar Jackson I. This ended the Republic.

Empire of Kapreburg

On 17 May 2019, the Kapresh Congress would vote to declare Jack Ryan Morris Tsar Jackson I. Upon this vote, the Republic of Kapreburg became the Empire of Kapreburg. The first election for Prime Minister was held, and Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed won. On 10 August 2020 an EF1 tornado swept through all of Kapreburg, damaging multiple homes and causing many Kapresh citizens to lose power, some for weeks. On 20 August 2020, Prime Minister Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed would resign, and he dropped out of the 2020 election. this left Isaiah Rivera as acting Prime Minister, and the only candidate in the election. He would be sworn in on 4 October 2020.

The Imperial crisis

In early 2021, an imperialist sentiment was born in Kapreburg, leading to the creation of the Dominion of Herbstland, the Dominion of Tarcallia, and the Colony of North Fox Island. Upon the formation of the Colony of North Fox Island, the Dan Republic declared war on Kapreburg on 28 February 2021, since they laid a claim to the island. The Dan Republic demanded that Logan Medlin be removed as Governor-General of Tarcallia, but these demands were not met. On 12 March, the Dan Republic would give in, and drop claims to the island. Later that month, on 25 March, the Governor of North Fox Island, Jacob Vancapelle declared the colony an independent nation, the State of North Fox Island. Vancapelle gave in and declared the state defunct on 4 April 2021. A few days later, on 8 April 2021, Tarcallia would declare independence as North Dirigo. On 6 May 2021, Kapreburg entered the Great Des Plaines Valley War, and on 8 May 2021 Kapresh soldiers would enter the Weg territory of Whynofly with intents to invade. F.C.O. Weiler would then be captured by Matthew Hughes and forced to surrender, therefore ceding Whynofly to Kapreburg.

Surrender of F.C.O. Weiler

This event would be known as the Battle of Whynofly. On 23 June 2021, all members of the House of Commons of Kapreburg resigned, in an event known as the 2021 Kapresh walkout. Former governor of New Pecos, Jacob Vancapelle would establish the Grand Republic of Kapreburg, starting the Kapresh Civil War. Eventually a "Kapresh Civl War Negotiations" server would be made on Discord by Jebediah Powell, and heads of state from many different micronations involved in the conflict were invited to the server. On 11 July, after Kapreburg refused to meet Faltrian demands to cede the territory of Providence Rock, an invasion was launched by Faltree. Eventually on 18 September 2021, after tense negotiations on the server the Treaty of New Albuquerque was signed, which had most supporters of the Grand Republic officially drop out of the war, and a 6-month non-aggression pact between each signatory was established. On 23 September 2021 the Grand Republic of Kapreburg officially dissolved, however many cite the 18th of September as the end of the Civil War.

On 22 November 2021, a pro-Kapresh terrorist carried out a major attack on the Weg city of Bushwood. Wegmat interpreted this as an act of war being carried out by Kapreburg, and hence declared war on Kapreburg. Both sides brought into question the Treaty of New Albuquerque, which stated that all signatories could not wage war on each other for 6 months after the treaty's signing. Both sides claimed that the other violated the treaty. Regardless they were now at war. No fighting occurred until January 2022, when Wegmat made the first move and invaded New Kariba on 2 January 2022. After a few joint Kapresh-New German attacks on Wegmat, fighting ceased. And after February, an unofficial ceasefire was called. A conference was scheduled in downtown Chicago to officially sign a peace treaty but this never happened. On 10 May 2022 both sides dropped their state of war.

Parliamentary renaissance

On 29 January 2023, the Commons Dissolution Act was passed, dissolving the House of Commons, turning Kapreburg into a unicameral legislature, consisting of an appointed House of Lords. This lead to many more acts being passed, and a general period of high activity for Kapreburg. After MicroCon 2023, the activity slowed down. In September 2023, Matthew Hughes was elected Prime Minister. In January 2024, recent peer, Aidan McGrath motioned for a vote of no confidence against the Hughes administration. He was sworn in as Prime Minister on 2 February 2024, alongside Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed as his Deputy.

Government and politics

By the Constitution of Kapreburg, Kapreburg is a unitary absolute monarchy. The constitution originally established a bicameral Parliament, however the constitution has since been amended, abolishing the lower house. Jackson I is the current head of state as King and holds absolute powers.

Although Kapreburg is an absolute monarchy, absolute power is seldom exercised by the monarch. The Parliament consists of the House of Lords, which consists of the entire Peerage of Kapreburg. The Parliament meets often to discuss legislation, vote on it, and propose new legislation.

The three ministries are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Culture. An act is in the works in the Kapresh parliament to rework the system of ministries in Kapreburg.

Political parties

List of Political Parties in Kapreburg as of 6 January 2024
Name Leader Ideology Seats in Parliament
Exampliary Party Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed Paleoconservatism
2 / 6
Monarchist-Libertarian Party Jackson I Libertarianism
2 / 6
Conservationist Party Lane Surdam Nature conservation
1 / 6
Communist Party Aidan McGrath Marxism
1 / 6

Foreign Relations

The Empire of Kapreburg has relations with multiple nations and recognizes multiple nations. Below is a list of recognized nations by Kapreburg. Kapreburg has reached out to multiple macronations in an attempt for informal relations. A list of macronations Kapreburg has released to is below in chronological order.

Recognised states; no diplomatic relations

Full foreign relations and treaties signed

Informal relations

International Organization participation


The Kapresh Military is comprised of 3 branches, the Kapresh Royal Army, Kapresh Royal Navy, and the Kapresh Royal Air Force. The army is currently split into two regiments, the Royal Kenton Rifles and the 1st Reserve Infantry. There is also a branch of musicians in the KRA, the Regimental Band of the Royal Kenton Rifles, which is a traditional fife and drum band. Recruitment efforts have been increased in recent years in the Royal Army due to the Great Des Plaines Valley War and the Midlothian War. The Royal Army is heavily equipped with different airsoft rifles and pistols. The Royal Navy used to be the largest branch of the military, and had sent multiple paper boats into Charriot's Creek. Currently the navy is planning to purchase two kayaks, which can serve recreational purposes, or genuine military service. The Air Force is used strictly for ceremonial purposes. The military is a big part of Kapresh culture, and almost a third of all Kapresh citizens currently serve in the military.

Jackson I in a Royal Army combat uniform

Geography and climate

Kapreburg is situated upon the Tinley Moraine, being just southwest of Lake Michigan. Within and near Kapreburg are many different creeks, including Charriot's Creek and the Tinley Creek. Within metropolitan Kapreburg, Charriotsville is mostly urban with a few parks, whereas the western colonies are mostly covered in thick forestation, with a few open grass fields. Kapreburg is located in a Hot Summer Humid Continental (Dfa) climate type, so the summers can reach upwards of 90 degrees, and the winters are usually around or below freezing.

Climate data for Charriotsville, Kapreburg
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 33
Average low °F (°C) 19
[citation needed]

Administrative divisions


Flag, name and
postal abbreviation
Cities Established
Capital Largest city
North Fox Island NF None None 28 February 2021
MacArthur MA None None 9 July 2021
New Kariba NK None None 25 September 2021
Miamiland ML None None January 2022
Cellenia CL None None January 2022
Vencedor VC None None January 2022
Northern Tinlia NT None None January 2022
Southern Tinlia ST None None January 2022


Flag, name and
postal abbreviation
Cities Established
Capital Largest city
Denisia DS None None 8 January 2021
Norremdoo ND None None 20 January 2021
Vaindloo VL None None 14 February 2021
KRN Creek Zone CZ None None 1 March 2021
Sowena SW None None 27 March 2021
Draper NT None None 4 May 2021
Clarkville CK None None 12 July 2021


Name and
postal abbreviation
Charriotsville CV 2 January 2018 (City)
25 July 2020 (County)
22 May 2023 (Autonomous city)


Besides macronational roads, there are many bike trails and dirt roads in Kapreburg. Walking and cycling are the most common forms of transportation on these roads and trails. Cairo Road is an important road in Kapreburg, well known for being the first Kapresh-built road in Kapreburg. There are plans for new dirt roads in the frontier colonies to increase the speed and ease of transport in the heavily forested colonies.


The economy of Kapreburg is at the moment very undeveloped. The currency of Kapreburg is the Kapresh dollar. A bank formerly existed, and citizens held checking accounts within the bank, but this bank has been disbanded. Legislation is being drafted to organize the Kapresh economy, and establish taxes. At one point there was serious discussion on whether or not to link the Kapresh dollar to tea, and an act regarding it passed through the Parliament, but was never signed by Jackson I. The idea has since been dropped.


Kapresh culture is a primarily western culture, with influences from multiple sources. The Kapresh government often exercises nation-building, which is usually accepted by the Kapresh people.


In Kapreburg, the official language is English, and minority languages include Spanish and Estonian. Spanish is ever increasingly spoken in and around mainland Kapreburg, and this has led many Kapreburgers to adopt Spanish as a second language. There has been attempts in the past to create a unique conlang for use in Kapreburg, nothing has ever come of this idea, however.


Date Name Notes
January 1 New Year's Day First day of the Gregorian calendar
May 17 Monarchy Day Celebrating the ascension of Jackson I to the throne, also the national day.
Second monday of October Columbus Day Celebrations honoring Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas in 1492
Fourth thursday of November Thanksgiving Giving thanks, prayer, feasting, spending time with family, religious services, football games, parades
December 25 Christmas Celebrating the birth of Jesus; festivities


Heraldry is an important part of culture in Kapreburg, with most citizens bearing arms. Heraldry in Kapreburg is controlled by the College of Arms and the Lord Ignisia King of Arms. All nobles in Kapreburg currently bear arms, and most colonies, cities, and dependencies are granted arms.


Music is an important part of life in Kapreburg, with genres like country, folk, classical, and marches being the most popular. Jackson I is highly interested in music, and has written songs about Kapreburg before, such as Wegs on the Wall and Kapreburg Wins Again.

Cinema is also quite popular in Kapreburg, and a movie is currently being filmed in Kapreburg called Astrud Lake, which is a dramatic retelling of the Battle of Astrud Lake. Drama also enjoys some popularity in Kapreburg, mostly in the form of musical theater.


Within Kapreburg, many different sports are played and watched. The sport most commonly watched is american football (which is just referred to as football in Kapreburg), usually football games sanctioned by the NFL. Cricket and spikeball are two sports which are often played within Kapreburg.