Parliament of Kapreburg

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Parliament of the Empire of Kapreburg
Coat of arms or logo
HousesHouse of Lords
Founded5 January 2022
Lord Speaker
Lords political groups
  •   Lord Speaker
  •   Exampliary (2)
  •   Monarchist-Libertarian (2)
  •   Conservationist (1)
  •   Communist (1)
Acts of the Parliament of Kapreburg

The Parliament of Kapreburg is the legislature of Kapreburg. The body consists of the Monarch of Kapreburg, and the House of Lords. The Monarch of Kapreburg serves as Lord Speaker of the House of Lords.


The Parliament of Kapreburg consists of the Monarch and the House of Lords. A lower house used to exist, the House of Commons, but was dissolved on 29 January 2023, when the Parliament decided it was impractical. The House of Lords consists of all peers in Kapreburg. A peer can accept a peerage but deny the seat in the House of Lords. Currently, no peer has denied a seat. Due to the nature of the Kapresh population, the House of Lords is often split into two categories. In-Person members, and virtual members. In-person members are the Lords who are able to meet physically when the Monarch summons the parliament. The virtual members are those who are unable to meet physically, but can converse with the rest of Parliament online.

Members of the House of Lords
Peer Party Type
H.M. Jackson I Lord Speaker
H.G. Duke of Pyro Exampliary Lord Virtual
The Rt. Hon. Earl of Koff Exampliary Lord Virtual
H.G. Duke of Wirthgrad Monarchist-Libertarian Lord Physical
The Rt. Hon. Baron Jha Monarchist-Libertarian Lord Virtual
The Rt. Hon. Earl of the Rockies Conservationist Lord Virtual
The Rt. Hon. Earl of Wiskoda Communist Lord Virtual

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