Lane Surdam

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Lane Surdam
Portrait of Lane Surdam
Second President of the Republic of Surdam
Assumed office
17 July 2017
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born August 8th, 2008 (Age 15)
Wyoming, United States
Citizenship Surdam, Kapreburg
Nationality Surdamian
Political party Conservationist Party (Kapreburg)
Residence New Wyoming, Surdam
Religion Christianity
Military service
Allegiance  Surdam
Service/branch Army
Rank Head General of the Surdamian Military
Battles/wars Field War, Battle of Basketball Court, Kapresh Civil War, Pine Tree War

Lane Surdam (born 2008) is a Surdamian statesman and the current Second President of Surdam, having the second most authority over Surdam since its creation in 2017. Lane is also a Lord of Kapreburg and he holds Kapresh citizenship.

Early life

Lane was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, on August 8th, 2008.

Political career


Surdam was formed on 17 July 2017 it was the first Micronation to have been created by Lane, and so far the most successful one with a functioning government, military, economy and a population of 30+. Caldwell is currently the Second President of Surdam, Representative of New Wyoming, and Head General of the entire Surdamian Military. Surdam is an well known entrepreneur inside Surdam, he has made three private companies which are the Three Flag Boat Company, Lake Beau Studios, and the Marley Fishing Company.


Lane Surdam has become very intertwined with Kapresh politics, at the moment Surdam is the Governor of Kapreburg's capital city, Charriot'sVille County. Surdam was also proclaimed as a Lord in Kapreburg after the dissolution of the House of Commons in Kapreburg.

Micronational Organizations

Lane holds many notable positions in some assemblies, in the Micronational Assembly Lane is the Chief Justice. In the Cupertino Alliance Lane is the Minster of American Affairs. In the RMTA Lane is the current Head of Trade (the highest rank inside the organization), meaning he helps oversee trade in the alliance and can pass laws and other stuff.


Outside of micronationalism, Lane enjoys reading nonfiction and adventure novels, swimming, hiking, amateur astronomy, fishing, amateur film making, hanging with friends, playing basketball, and spending time with family. Hiking is a major hobby of Lane, and backpacking for long stretches of time and distance.

Political views

Lane Surdam leans towards more conservative and environmentalist ideologies and values.

Lane Surdam by Fort Teton in the summer of 2022

Military career

Field War

Lane's military career didn't begin until he made huge expansion in south east Wyoming for Surdam. After seeing the opportunity to declare war on the groups that inhabited the Trench River Valley, he took it. The first battle of the war, the Battle of Castleman, saw great success for the young Surdamian military. However the Battle of the Trench River Valley was a humiliating defeat with a failed charge on a fortified mercenary position. After this defeat Lane reviewed what he had done wrong and redrew plans and formations, the Siege of Crow Hill was the longest battle with the Surdamians taking no prisoners (This was seen as unfair and a warcrime by the mercenaries and natives). The final battle of the Field War, Battle of Tree Row, saw Surdamian troops under Lane's command using a fortified line of trees mow down approaching enemy soldiers ending the war with the Treaty of the Field.

Battle of Basketball Court

After Surdam's two year long grace period, Lane decided to dust off his military uniform and bring glory to Surdam. Reviewing the nations by him, Lane realized that the Field Natives still control the northern half of the Trench River Valley due to the Treaty of the Field signed during the Field War. To trigger a conflict Lane ran trade through Native territory and like planned the Surdamian traders were raided, now with justification Lane and his head general of the army, General Bush, began their invasion kick starting the battle. Lane decided to situate his forces in the center of a basketball court to get a 360˚ degree view of the valley and all possible attack angles to see were the Natives were attacking from. This helped to prevent a sneak attack from behind and the battle was won.

Kapresh Civil War

After witnessing the events done to Surdam's ally, Lane decided to wage war against the rebels in Kapreburg and protect the Kapresh territory of Clarkville from rebel hands. During the war Lane, General Bush, and an infantry man did a few patrols of Clarkville before realizing that the rebels probably won't attack the territory. Lane withdrew from the war seeing how it did not concern Surdam.

Pine Tree War

During the summer of 2022, Lane wanted another military victory to be added to his achievements. After helping some friends create the nation of Kalibi, Surdam had lost some land during the process. This gave Lane an idea to start a war, and after only a few days Kalibi soldiers trespassed into Surdamian territory and this was the final piece of the puzzle. After giving Kalibi two weeks to prepare, Lane and General Bush crafted plans for invasion. On 17 June 2022, Lane invaded Kalibi taking East Little Field without much fighting. To protect vital territory for Surdam Lane split his forces, most of the army guarded the recently taken Little Field, while Lane and a low ranking soldier guarded Elizabeth Dam. The entire Kalibi army planned to do a counter invasion on Surdam and decided to take an important part of New Wyoming, the famous Elizabeth Dam. Four Kalibi troops showed up to invade while Lane's forces was two including him, however with half as less soldiers Lane still won the battle for Surdam. The final battle was fought at Little Field with five Surdamins against four Kalibi troops, after waiting for Kalibi to charge, Lane and General Bush decided to charge and finish the Kalibi forces off. This worked and the Pine Tree War ended in a Surdamian Victory.



The Red Cross is the highest award given to Surdamian soldiers. It is awarded for soldiers who showed bravery and lead their troops to victory in combat.

The Praefectus Militum is the award given to Surdamian Military commanders. It is awarded to commanders who are in charge of leading a unit.

The Ager Miles is and award given to Surdamian soldiers who served in the Field War.

The Pine Tree is an award given to Surdamian soldiers who fought in combat during the Pine Tree War.

The Colonizer's Medal is an award granted by Kapreburg. It is awarded for helping colonize land for Kapreburg. (July 12, 2021)

Foreign Honors



No matter how hard you try, the Surdamian Bear cannot and will not be tamed or controlled, for as long as there is land, I will conquer

— Lane Surdam

You know, sometimes the most beautiful things in the world are all around you, but you're too busy looking down

— Lane Surdam