Surdamian Military

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Military of Surdam
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Motto“Never go down without a fight”
FoundedJune 17th 2017
Service branches4
HeadquartersNew Wyoming, Republic of Surdam
PresidentL. Caldwell
General of the Air ForceB. Bush
Admiral of the NavyD. Surdam
Active personnel4 (ranked 9)
Reserve personnel5
Deployed personnel4
Budget100 Surdamian Marks

The Surdamian Military or SM is the Military of the Republic of Surdam.


The Surdamian Military was founded shortly after the independence of the Republic of Surdam by Mr. Caldwell, early trainings happened with a small army, but the soldiers where not trained well. After New Wyoming was founded, soldiers where trained better to face the worst. After a few weeks after the founding of New Wyoming a war broke out and the army had to up their game. After winning the war, Surdam put the time and effort into shaping up the military. New Branches where formed like the Air force, Navy, and the Marines. The military has trainings monthly to protect and defend the country.


The Army is the land based part of the military. Soldiers in the army are trained in trench warfare, winter survival, and how to spot enemies in jungles/forests. The Army is the most active seeing the most training and fighting. The army used to guard over Surdam but that was handed off to the SPK.

Air Force

The Surdam Air Force uses drones and gliders. The Air Force is mostly used for scouting missions over enemy lines, but the Air Force is acquiring new aerospace vehicles for more purposes.


The Navy is the only branch of the Surdamian Military to not be used often. The Navy has 6 navel vessels, the flag ship is the SNS Blue Jay


The Surdamian Marines are the best of the best in the Surdamian Military, they are highly trained and are deadly in battle.