Republic of Surdam

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Republic of Surdam
Motto: "Never go down without a fight."
and largest city
Jackson City
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish
Recognised national languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesSpanish
GovernmentRepresentative democracy
• President
L. Caldwell
• Second President
R. Surdam
LegislatureSurdam Government Council
Independence from the United States
• Representative democracy government established
17 July 2017
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
1,000 Surdamian marks
CurrencySurdamian Mark
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Drives on theright

The Republic of Surdam, or just Surdam for short, is a micronation founded on July 17th, 2017 by its current heads of state, President Surdam and President Caldwell. Surdam has a total of 26 citizens and the national currency is the Surdamian mark.

Government and economy

The government of the Republic of Surdam is built around a representative democracy and a capitalist economy. The government has placed laws so that every citizen is happy, healthy, and safe. The economy of Surdam is mostly centered around farming and fishing. The official currency of Surdam is the Surdamian Mark, the Surdamian Mark is worth around 75 cents to the American Dollar. Every 20 years (presidency term) the people of Surdam elect the next leaders of Surdam. The current leaders of Surdam or President Caldwell and President Surdam. These men are both founders of Surdam, they are the reason why Surdam is the way it is. President Surdam helped form laws, territorial boundaries, name Surdam landmarks, and help keep the capital in great shape. President Caldwell is an active member in all branches of the military. President Caldwell helped Surdam grow by winning the field war, winning the Battle of Basketball Court. President Caldwell helped keep citizens safe by installing the government branch SPK (Surdamian Peace Keepers). President Caldwell also helped Surdam form diplomatic relation with other countries.


History of Surdam

Early Days

Mr. Caldwell (now president) and Mr. Surdam (now president) declared Surdam a independent nation on July 17th, 2021. After Mr. Caldwell (now president) and Mr. Surdam (now president) declared independence from the United States, he set up the Republic of Surdam. He declared "This nation is to be a great land where freedom will never be taken away from the people!". After this, Mr. Caldwell began setting up small things like declaring the national bird is the Blue Jay and the currency is the Mark. Mr. Caldwell declared the first city is Jackson City the capital of the Republic of Surdam.

Age of Expansion

Mr. Caldwell in 2018 had claimed new territory in southern Wyoming and declared New Wyoming, a part of Surdam. After only 3 months a war broke out between the Republic of Surdam and some mercenaries, it was known as The Field War. After 2 weeks of war the Republic of Surdam had won against the mercenaries and peace was held at New Wyoming.In 2019, Pluto Rockets (Surdam's space program) launched the rocket riptide and the mission was a successful.In 2020 a battle between Republic of Surdam and Field natives, the battle of Basketball Court was only fought for a few hours and Surdam won.


In 2020 new land was claimed by the pacific ocean and the Pacific Territory was born. Mrs Surdam was elected in 2021 to be Vice President. SPK (Surdamian Peace Keepers) was founded to help keep the citizens of Surdam safe. On Saturday, May 8, 2021 The Great Stair Case and Lake Lane are discovered. On July 7th 2021, Surdam declared its first national park, Lake Beau National Park. On Sunday, July 11th at 8:00 PM MDT Surdam officially declared war on the Grand Republic of Kapreburg after seeing the invasion of a Kapreburg territory. On July 27th Surdam officially pulled out form the Kapresh Civil War. On August 17th, 2021 SPM was formed with the idea of giving jobs to citizens. On September 1st 2021, Project Liberation was green lighted.


On September 19th, 2021 Horse Town and Rose Creek have officially joined the Republic of Surdam. On September 26th, 2021, Union Blue has been founded as the national railroad company, it was founded to help deliver passengers and cargo through out Surdam.

Flag of New Wyoming
Flag of Pacific Territory

National Parks

On July 7th 2021, Lake Beau National Park was founded. It is the first National Park in all of Surdam, the park was created in memory of Beau (A great dog). Lake Beau National park as an outstanding view of the Tetons.


Flag Info Name Population Representative Incorporated
Flag of Surdam.svg.png Jackson City is the first land claim Surdam ever had, it is also where the capitol is. Jackson City 8 R. Surdam 2017
Unknowm-3 orig.png New Wyoming is the largest territory in all of Surdam. It is also where the Surdamian National Airport is located. New Wyoming 5 L. Caldwell 2018
Unkown-1 orig.png Pacific Territory is the only territory in Surdam with ocean access. One of the larger navel

bases in Surdam is located here.

Pacific Territory 4 D. Surdam 2020
Horsetown.png Horse Town is one of the newest members of the union. Horse Town is home to the largest horse reservers in Surdam. Horse Town 4 P. King 2021
Rosecreek.png Rose Creek is the most eastern part of Surdam and has a creek running through it, Rose Creek. Rose Creek 5 J. Surdam 2021


Geography and climate

Land claims of Surdam in the midwest often have blizzards and snow during the winter, and hot summers, most midwest territories have a small creek running through them like New Wyoming and Trench River, and Jackson City and Little Fox River. Territories in the pacific have no seasons year round and have tropical storms ever now and then.

Climate data for Flag of Surdam.svg.png Jackson City, Surdam
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 24
Average low °F (°C) 6
[citation needed]

Surdamian Holidays

Date Name Notes
July 17th Surdam Day The day Surdam became independent.
June 15th Remembrance day The memorial day for the soldiers who fought for Surdam.
January 10 Cody day Celebrations honoring the ultimate entertainer, Buffalo Bill (William Frederick).
December 25 Christmas Celebrating the birth of Jesus; festivities

National Symbols

Main article: National Symbols of the Republic of Surdam

Symbol Name Image
National flag Official flag of the Republic of Surdam Flag of Surdam.svg.png
Seal Coat of Arms of the Republic of Surdam
National Animal Grizzly bear
National anthem Freedom for all!

Freedom for all!

National motto "Never go down without a fight."
National Bird Blue jay
National tree [1] Downloadtree.jpg


The Republic os Surdam at the moment has created to government organizations. The SPK or Surdamian Peace Keepers, is Surdam's police force or intelligence agency, it is mostly used to get info on criminals. The SPM or Surdamian Peoples Management was created to give citizens in Surdam jobs, the SPM usually is in charge of airports, mines, and other services in Surdam.

The national bird of Surdam, the Blue Jay
The national animal of Surdam, the Grizzly bear (Photo taken in Jackson City)


Surdam officially recognizes these countries and has an unofficial or an official alliance with them.

Military and space program

The Surdamian Military consists of 9 soldiers, 3 navel vessels, 2 drones and one glider. The Surdamian military has four branches, the Army, Air Force, and the Marines. Each branch is highly trained in military tactics, wilderness survival, and more. The military has not seen much action sense the Field War, but when the army was called up to protect a Kapresh territory during the Kapresh Civil War the army did not slack and searched the entire territory for mines and enemy troops.

  • SNS Blue Jay
  • SNS Pound
  • SNS Bay Liner
  • SNS Yellow Bird
The Surdamian flag flying over Small Rock Island
Clouds second rocket Saturn 5
Clouds first rocket Riptide

The Surdamian space program (CLOUDS) has launched 3 rockets and plans to launch more.