Republic of Hilbert Dimension

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Republic of Hilbert Dimension
Hilbertova Dimenzia  (Slovak)
Hilbert dimension V3.png
National flag
Coat of arms of Republic of Hilbert Dimension
Coat of arms
Motto: A New Galaxy
Anthem: "Life of Birds"
HD Europe map.png
and largest city
Official languagesSlovak-Hilbertian dialect, English
Recognised regional languagesZáhorie dialect
GovernmentRepresentative democracy
• President
Alex P
Independence from the Slovakia
• Declaration of Independence
23 November 2019
• Current constitution
15 February 2022
• Total
0.010286 km2 (0.003971 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
CurrencyHilbertian Nex, Euro (NEX, EUR)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+422
Internet TLD.hd

The Republic of Hilbert Dimension, also known as the Hilbertian Republic or Hilbertia, is a small self-proclaimed sovereign state surrounded by Slovakia. It was founded by Alex P on 23 November 2019. Although on the website NationStates Hilbert Dimension was founded on November 13, 2019. The capital city of Hilbert Dimension is Malaja located in the Malaja region and consists of a house interior, basement, and terrace.

Hilbert dimension was founded to gain independence from Slovakia and become an independent country and is currently not recognized by any other country. The total area of Hilbert Dimension is 2408 m² (10,286 m² including territories and the Hilbertian Realm countries) and is divided into 7 regions, each with its own flag. The entire nation and the Hilbertian Realm is usually managed and governed from the territory of Central Universal Republic or consulate Nauriania.

There is only one state religion in the country - Pantheism.

To enter Hilbert Dimension, EU citizens must show their ID card upon arrival, for non-EU citizens a passport is required. All micronation passports are accepted. Citizens of some countries may need a visa to enter, which would be either an eVisa or visa on arrival.

The national food are sheep cheese potatoes. The national drink is black tea and the national animal is a guinea pig. The official anthem of Hilbert Dimension is an edited version of the song "Life of Birds" by Terry Devine-King.

The seat of the Hilbertian government is in Nauriania and the Central Universal Republic, however, government voting sessions are always held in Nauriania.



The blue triangle represents the sky, the green triangle represents the soil, ground, and plant life. The central white stripe represents the only river stream in the country - Riava, the yellow circle in the center is the sun and the flower inside of it represents all the flowers, which are the symbols of the country. The hawk in the top right corner represents the many bird species in the nation and also hawks themselves as it is common to see them circling above. Finally, the 5 big and 2 small stars represent the 5 main regions and 2 subregions of the nation.

Coat of arms

The white flower in the middle represents all flowers of Hilbert Dimension - symbols of the country. 5 big and 2 small stars represent the 5 main regions and 2 subregions of Hilbert Dimension. The blue background symbolizes the sky, peace, and liberty


The land of Hilbert Dimension today was bought in the year 2004, later in the year 2010 construction of a house that would become Malaja in the future began. Hilbertian chronicle is a document where all important events are arranged in chronological order. This document is not available to the public.

Important events

  • 26 April 2004 - Land of future Hilbert Dimension is bought
  • 2010 - Malaja house construction began
  • 23 November 2019 – Hilbert dimension is founded
  • 14 August 2020 – Recyclation era begins - Hilbert Dimension is recycling paper, plastic, glass, aluminum cans, bio waste, and electronic waste.
  • 23 November 2020 - 1st independence day
  • January 2021 - shape of regions defined.
  • 28 January 2021 – First Wifi network established - available to the public for free
  • 11 February 2021 - First Hilbertian citizen vaccinated against COVID-19
  • 16 April 2021 - Hilbert Dimension joins the Micronational Assembly as its 42nd member
  • 23 August 2021 - Swamp region (309m2) becomes a new part of Hilbert Dimension
  • 8 Feburary 2022 - Asmara, Astaria, and Ethos become Hilbertian self-governing countries
  • 17 November 2022 - Astaria rejoined Slovakia

Geography and nature

Borders of Hilbert Dimension

The Republic of Hilbert Dimension is located in a small village of Plavecký Peter in Slovakia. Altogether the nation consists of 5 main regions, 2 subregions and 1 special region. They are represented as stars on the national flag and the coat of arms. The total area of all regions is 2408 m². Hilbert Dimension also has 8 external self-governing countries that are not a part of the nation itself, nor independent nations. They are self-governing "countries" within the Hilbertian Realm. One is a consulate in Slovakia, 6 are self-governing countries and 1 is currently governed by an another Hilbertian country (Bespon). The total area of Hilbert Dimension (Hilbertian Realm) including territories and countries is 10,895 m².

In Hilbert Dimension, there are 3 buildings, The largest of them is Malaja, the capital, and also the highest building in Hilbert Dimension at --- meters high. It is inhabited by the founders throughout the year. The second one is unimobunka, which is used to store materials and tools, among other things. The third one is kadibudka, which was used as a toilet before Malaja was built. It is just a decoration today. The highest building in the Hilbertian realm however is the Bespon building, at --- meters high.

Two rivers flows in Hilbert Dimension - Riava and Little Riava. Riava forms a border between the Higher plains region and Central region and flows through 4 regions in total. There are 3 lakes on Riava with 2 small pipe waterfalls between the 2 Lower Riava lakes. In the Higher plains region, the Angel lake is located, measuring 2,9 meters in diameter and has a maximum depth of 0,35 meters. The river then flows outside of the country but comes back to the Lower plains region, where the lowest point of Hilbert Dimension can be found (approximately 218 meters above sea level). Riava then flows into one of the three wells and continues underground.

The highest point of Hilbert Dimension is Mount Elbern - 223 meters above sea level.

+Regions of Hilbert Dimension
Name Area
Access road region.png Access road region ~145 m2
Higher plains region.png Higher plains region ?
Lower plains region.png Lower plains region 303 m2
The central region.png Central region ?
Central plain.png Central plain subregion ?
Swamp region.png Swamp region ~310 m2
Malaja region v2.png Malaja exterior 92 m2
Malaja region v2.png Malaja interior -

There are several areas bordering Hilbert Dimension which may become part of the country in the future. Hilbertian government plans to buy these surrounding areas and expand the country. One area beyond the current border of Hilbert Dimension was a disputed territory called the Swamp region, but on 12 April 2021, the Hilbertian government decided to drop its claims to this area to prevent conflicts. However, after the owner was contacted later, the Hilbertian government bought this land on 23 of July 2021, and it became fully integrated into Hilbert Dimension on 23 of August 2021.

Alpine longhorn beetle

Fauna and flora

Sunflower is the national flower

Hilbert dimension is known for its biodiversity of both plants and animals. 100% of Hilbertian land and all animals are protected by law. The national animal of Hilbert Dimension is a guinea pig.

Some of the common birds include Green European woodpecker, sparrow, Thrush, Starling, Goldfinch, Titmouse, Eurasian jay. Also butterflies: Small tortoiseshell, Common blue, Scarce swallowtail, Peacock butterfly. Other animals include the True toad frog, Wild rabbit, cats, many insects (Rare Alpine longhorn beetle), garden snails.

Plants growing in Hilbert Dimension: many types of trees, like Sycamore maple, many fruit trees (cherry, apple, plum, peach), White willow, Ash. Also, many bushes can be found like Goose-berry, Jostaberry, Cranberry, and more.

Other plants include Strawberry, Seaberry, Stonecrop, Kamchatka honeysuckle (mainly around the Riava river), Cattail, Thyme, and other herbs.

Largest groups of flowers in Hilbert Dimension: coneflower, sunflower, Rose, common daisy, and many other flowers that are grown artificially.

Citizens and government

Currently, Hilbert Dimension has 21 citizens and 2 more e-citizens. 4 of them are members of the government and 3 are residents. The government system of Hilbert Dimension is a representative democracy. Hilbertian government has four members. Alex P is both the president and a member of the government. Citizens vote for government members directly every 4 years. To create or change a law, ¾th of government members must agree (president, 3 ministers). The special role of prime minister only exists when a president suddenly resigns, dies, or is unable to serve the nation. In this event, one member of the government (chosen every year by all government members) becomes prime minister and has all powers of the president until a new president is elected. The person who is currently chosen to become a prime minister is Miloslav P.

The official website of Hilbert Dimension is in its early stages ( In the meantime, Microwiki is in use.

The official government email address is

There are 4 ministries led by 4 ministers. These ministries are:

  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Foreign affairs
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Ministry of Informatization
Hilbertian Liberal Party

Political parties

The HIlbertian Liberal Party (HLP) is a left-wing Hilbertian political party and also the only one in the country. It was founded on 8 April 2021, by Alex P, the party leader. It only has 1 member - Alex P (the current president). Alex P has been in the government since 23 November 2019 when Hilbert Dimension was founded, but back then he was an independent politician, as well as all other government members, who continue to be independent to this day.

LGBTQ+ rights

The Republic of Hilbert Dimension protects all LGBTQ+ rights in its constitution. The current president Alex P is a member of the LGBTQ+ community himself. There is an LGBT flag collection in the Hilbertian country Central Universal Republic with a total of 27 flags.

Category Hilbert Dimension
Equal age of consent Yes
Anti-discrimination laws Yes
Anti-hate speech legislation Yes
Recognition of same-sex marriage Yes
Marriage Equality Yes
Same-sex sexual activity Yes
Adoption by same-sex couples Yes
Right to change legal gender Yes

License plate

Hilbertian License Plate sample.png

The Hilbertian License plate is given to each vehicle (including cars, bikes, scooters...). It consists of a green and blue stripe on the left, which are the national colors, and includes the letters "HD" as short for Hilbert Dimension, with the national coat of arms on the top. The first 2 letters indicate the city in which the vehicle is registered, and the next 3 numbers and 2 letters are automatically generated. All cities that have their own license plate codes:

  • Malaja (ML)
  • Nauriania (NA)
  • Bespon (BE)
  • Maueva (MA)
  • Ethos (ET)


The industry of Hilbert Dimension mainly focuses on the production and manufacturing of raw materials, recycling and reselling of waste, sale of services, and souvenir items.


Clay is the only raw resource mined in Hilbert Dimension. It is first purified, cleaned, sand is removed, and finally dried and packaged. It is mainly mined in the Swamp region.

Hilbertian department of rocket technology

Aluminum is produced by collecting aluminum cans and other aluminum waste, melting, and casting them into ingots or rounds. Lead is the second metal produced. It is collected from old car batteries, cleaned, melted, and casted into ingots. Production of copper ingots is planned.

Souvenir items will be offered on the official website

Hilbert Dimension also produces various chemicals and pure materials in small amounts, mainly gunpowder, fine coal powder, and sugar-based solid rocket fuel, which was used to power some Hilbertian rockets in the past

Department of Rocket Technology

In Hilbert Dimension, solid-fuel rocket boosters were being developed. The rocket launchpad was located in the Central region. These rockets were made of PVC pipes and the rocket fuel was made out of sugar-based substance produced in Hilbert Dimension.

Lantea rocket: Lantea rocket was a rocket which used the L-1 solid-fuel booster engine. It was made of PVC pipe filled with R-1 rocket fuel. The last launch test (SN3 prototype's 2nd launchpad test) was conducted on January 17, 2021, and resulted in launching the rocket from the launchpad into the ground but marked the first uncontrolled flight. These tests were uploaded to the unofficial Hilbert Dimension YouTube channel Garden Chemistry.

Foreign affairs

The Republic of Hilbert Dimension currently maintains mutual recognition and has diplomatic relations with 12 micronations.

Treaty between Hilbert Dimension and Imvrassia
Micronation Since Status
Empire of Talcon February 16, 2021 Defunct
Ecologist Republic of Bartonia April 8, 2021 Active
Kingdom of Zubey April 14, 2021 Active
Republic of Caelesta April 15, 2021 Active
 Empire of Imvrassia April 15, 2021 Active
Republic of Mexican Brazil April 16, 2021 Active
Pinangese Republic April 16, 2021 Active
Gayveria April 19, 2021 Defunct
Faltree April 20, 2021 Defunct
North Dirigo April 20, 2021 Defunct
Kingdom of Latvania April 21, 2021 Active
Kingdom of Bugrania May 3, 2021 Defunct
Republic of Floriland May 29, 2021 Active
Republic of Surdam July 2, 2021 Active
Most Serene Republic of Richensland October 20, 2021 Active
Saspearian December 8, 2021 Active
Bepistani Reich December 20, 2022 Active
Hilbertian flag sticker in Pristina, Kosovo

Nations recognized

All recognized countries and the division and classification of territories: Hilbert Dimension's Political Recognition

Organizational membership

Countries visited by Hilbertian government members

Organizations of which Hilbert Dimension is a member:

Organization Status
Flag of the Micronational Assembly.svg Micronational Assembly Member
GUM logo with text.png Grand Unified Micronational Observer
UMCE logo.png Union of Micronations of Central Europe Observer

Hilbert Dimension was one of the 2 founding members of the Union of Slovak Micronations, however, the organization has since been dissolved.

Entry requirements

As previously states, to enter, EU citizens must show their ID card upon arrival, for non-EU citizens passport is required. All micronational passports are accepted and can get stamped upon arrival. Some countries need a visa to enter Hilbert Dimension. It's either an eVisa or visa on arrival. Passport stamps are offered for free. Currently, 123 nations (+5 territories) have visa-free access, 36 (+1 territory) have visa on arrival, and 32 have eVisa, and 6 nations have the eVisitor visa program (one nation on each continent).

Hilbertian visa policy

Hilbert Dimension visa application form

Hilbert Dimension has one Hilbertian consulate in Slovakia located in Dúbravka, Bratislava. It is called Nauriania. It also has several other functions.

All foreign aircraft are banned from entering Hilbertian airspace. The only way to enter Hilbert Dimension is through the eastern border crossing.

External territories and countries

HD also has five self-governing countries - autonomous areas, which are not part of the Republic of Hilbert Dimension, as well as one consulate and one non-self-governing territory, which is part of a Hilbertian country. Six of them are in Bratislava, Slovakia, and one is in London, United Kingdom. The Central Universal Republic has split off from Nauriania on 7th of December 2021, becoming a self-governing country. The Nepuspon territory is not self-governing and is currently under the control of the Bespon country. The Hilbertian government has no power over the self-governing countries, but they are part of the Hilbertian Realm, meaning that all residents of these countries are also Hilbertian citizens. The Republic of Hilbert Dimension itself has one external territory - Nauriania, which is the seat of the Hilbertian government as well as a consulate. All of the Hilbertian territories and countries were incorporated into the Hilbertian Realm by signing a treaty with the Hilbertian government.

The former country of Astaria rejoined Slovakia on --- 2022

All Hilbertian countries and territories apart from Ethos use the Euro as currency, while Ethos uses the British Pound.

In order to visit these countries and territories*, visitors have to fill in a visa application form for them or contact the Hilbertian consulate in Slovakia. No foreigners are allowed to visit the countries of Asmara and Ethos.

Hilbertian Realm diagram

Visa application form for Hilbertian countries and territories

Hilbertian countries and territories
Name Location Description Area
Nauriania.png Nauriania Dúbravka, Slovakia Special Territory 94 m2
Asmara.png Asmara Bratislava, Slovakia Self-governing country 67 m2
Astaria.png Astaria (former) Bratislava, Slovakia Self-governing country 609 m2
Ethos.png Ethos London, United Kingdom Self-governing country ~70 m2
Maueva.png Maueva Bratislava, Slovakia Self-governing country 336 m2
Tranovskeho 13 Anew.png Bespon Bratislava, Slovakia Self-governing country 766 m2
Nepuspon.png Nepuspon Bratislava, Slovakia Non-self-governing Territory 6539 m2
Central Universal Republic.png Central Universal Republic Dúbravka, Slovakia Self-governing country 16 m2


Passport3 NEW.png

Hilbertian passport is currently in the making, but in the future every Hilbertian citizen would be able to apply for the passport, which would allow them to travel to other micronations and collect stamps.

National symbols

Coat of arms hilbertdimension.jpeg

Internal coat of arms

An internal coat of arms is an unofficial coat of arms used only on special occasions and only inside the nation. The house in the middle is an artistic representation of Malaja, the apple is Hilbertian national food and is grown in large amounts, the hand is a reference to the coat of arms of Dúbravka (Bratislava), the permanent residence of the founders. The entire coat of arms has a blue background, which symbolizes the sky.

Hilbertian stamp

The official stamp of Hilbert Dimension is used during the ratification of documents, issuing visas, stamping passports, and other official documents.

Official stamp of Hilbert Dimension

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